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INTERVIEW: Andres Campo presents 'Slam' EP

EI8HT's twenty-seventh release finds label frontman Andrés Campo returning to the roost with the 'Slam' EP, a solid and boisterous four-track that's mixed with jackin' and straight techno.

Metal beats and cheeky vocal samples, all delivered with rhythm and intensity, form the basis of the accompanying tracks here, with the old-school rave motifs of 'Horn' acting as the finale to this flawless boss release.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him, and this has been the result.

Andres, welcome to Chromatic Club. We love the release on Filth On Acid, can you tell us what the track is about? Interesting name with ‘Demente’

Thanks a lot guys! ‘Demente’ means insane in Spanish of course. Ada my mate wrote the lyrics, it’s a kind of poem, and the track is pretty intense and fast, so that's the insane element of it all. Let’s hope it has an insane effect on the dancefloor.

Do all of your tracks mean something, or are influenced by your mood or something that is happening in your life? Does this effect tour sound?

Not especially, some yes others not, but definitely yes, everything that happens around me has effect on my mood and also on my music, especially if I go to the studio just to let my creativity flow.

You are one of the most loved DJs in Spain and have tons of amazing shows booked in this summer. Are you excited to be back in Ibiza, can you tell us where we can see you play on the island?

Thanks, I love my people! And yes, this year is special because we signed a monthly residency with Pyramid at Amnesia, I’m really happy to be part of the huge season that they have just announced.

You collaborate with Eats Everything on your label EI8HT, but do you guys like to play together too? Apart from Eats, who else would you like to do a b2b with this year?

Yes, with Dan (Eats) everything is easy, we love each other, and I think we have lot of common between us. Ohhh others for a back to back, def some legends that I admire: Carl Cox, Richie, Sven etc.

We can’t forgot about Monegros. Such a huge festival in Spain, what makes this a special event for you and how many times have you played?

Monegros is special because it’s HARD!! And I don’t mean about music, the experience is intense, it’s the dessert, during the day is hot AF, and during the night it’s cold. Its 24h, it’s a monster rave, there’s nothing like that. I can’t wait for the comeback this year, all the family (I mean elRow, Florida, my mates) are excited about Monegros, I’ve been playing umm, 6 times may be (time flies and I’m not good at numbers). EVERYONE SHOULD GO!

What’s your next release and when?

Slam EP on my own label Ei8th, 4 tracks for shake your body mind and soul

Finally, one thing you have changed I your life since the pandemic?

Enjoy as much as u can, bad things come without warning. And I realize that a hug from your beloved ones has a lot of valour.


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