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INTERVIEW: Bizzarro Universe

Bizzarro Universe are a uniquely inspired music duo, who have made a name for themselves through a handful of tasty songs.

His music is unclassifiable, but it has no rival. Close your eyes and let the sensations flow.

Hi there ! Where can we find you right now? How did you start your day?

We are based in Hamburg and started the day with a nice German breakfast and listened to newest HÖR Set.

When did the idea of starting a project start to take shape? Has it always been something you wanted to do?

Danny: I started to DJ very early and organized my first House & Electro Parties with the age of 20. Since then, I had different music projects and took part in DJ collectives. I always wanted to cheer people up with my music, and so I got in touch with Italo Disco. In 2017 Nathalie and I started the first Bizzarro Universe Parties which ended up in our latest music project.

Nathalie: I always wanted to be a guitarist in a band. Later on  I fell in love with electronic music and then got fascinated by synthesizers. For me, it’s so different to a guitar, I just played around and ended up producing electronic tracks.

How would you define the sound of your latest work? What is the concept behind?

With Sphärenharmonie we want to take you on a trip with a spaceship into the Bizzarro Universe. It is dance floor focused with the rolling baseline, the melodic 80s synths and the Electric Guitar. When you close your eyes you see the stars and planets passing by. 

What artists are you interested in these days?

Biesmans, Lauer, Perel, Curses and Adana Twins

How do you manage to combine such disparate genres? How do you manage to give them unity and harmony? What do they have in common for you?

Danny: First, we played a lot of classic Italo Disco or 80s remixes at our parties. But with the evolving Indie Dance scene our sets are now more modern related with short trips into the 90s. We usually look in the tracks for similarities to combine them in our spacey sets. 

Nathalie: So Danny likes more the good-feel, and happy tracks. I like to play it dark. That’s why we fit perfectly together. I sometimes like to include EBM, Dark Disco and New Beat stuff in our sets.

How would you define your sound?

Danny: It is basically 80s synth focused but with modern punching bass lines. Something between Italo Disco and Indie Dance.

Nathalie: But in the end, we love to produce that what we personally like to dance.

Can you tell us something about your current or future projects?

In our new tracks we also experiment with Acid elements and of course the guitar is coming back.


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