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With a fresh perspective on beats, melodies, and electrifying performances, Cody Chase has been crafting a unique space within the Electronic Dance music landscape. In this exclusive interview, we get sat down with Cody to uncover the secrets behind his music, his upcoming projects, and his unstoppable drive and aim for innovation. From his thrilling upcoming live performances to his genre-defying tracks, Cody Chase is an artist on a mission to revolutionize the Dance music scene.

Join us in this interview where we learn more about the exciting upcoming projects of this talented artist.

Hey there Cody! How are you doing?

Hey it’s a great day to be alive. I just had my first son, and baby and wifey are happy and heathy. Life is good today!

Can you give us a sneak peek into your upcoming projects? What can fans expect from your future releases?

Want a peek into the music cauldron I’ve been brewing? Strap in, because if my upcoming tracks were a batch of cookies, they're chock full of rhythmic chocolate chips and melodic macadamia nuts!

First off, they've been treated to a spa day – yes, they just got back from mastering, and they're glowing brighter than a disco ball at midnight. The quality? Crisper than fresh autumn leaves and smoother than a saxophone solo on a rainy evening.

And now, the label tea! You remember those music labels we've all ogled at from afar, maybe plastered their posters on our bedroom walls as teens? (Just me? Alright then.) Well, some of those very dream labels have come knocking, and I can barely keep my headphones on with excitement.

Can you tell us about any upcoming live shows or performances you have planned? Any special venues or festivals you're particularly excited about?

First up, my Denver debut. And no, it's not just another gig - it’s at 1134 Broadway. You might wonder, "Why the excitement?" Oh, just a teeny tiny reason: I'll be donning my Techno cape, diving deep into the beat abyss, and believe you me, I’m planning to absolutely slay it. Expect relentless rhythms and a bassline that'll make your heart think it’s in a race.

Then, Amsterdam beckons in October. And not just any trip to Amsterdam - it’s ADE! Think of it as the Mecca for Electronic music enthusiasts. I've got a gig or two lined up and it's gonna be a sound spectacle for the books.

Then, my triumphant return back home to NYC on September 29th. I’ll be there to support the fantastic Danny Avila, between you and me, I'm cooking up a set that might just give Danny a musical marathon. Not tooting my own horn (okay, maybe a little), but I’m coming in hot, prepped, and correct.

How do you approach preparing for your live shows? Is there anything different or unique you have planned for your upcoming performances?

First off, the radio show, "The Chase" – is my platform to spotlight up-and-comers that catch my ear. I'm always digging in the digital crates for the freshest beats, plucking tracks hot off the press, some even so fresh they haven’t even seen the light of day!

But for live shows, I cherry-pick the crème de la crème. Now, here's the twist: I've got a secret stash – a treasure chest, if you will. Bursting with new Cody Chase tunes so exclusive, they've been waiting in the shadows for their grand debut. And guess what? I'll be revealing them for the first time, live!

Can you share any insights into the creative process behind your upcoming releases? Any new sounds or styles that you're experimenting with?

Imagine if James Bond decided to hit the dancefloor instead of chasing villains – suave, sophisticated, but with a wild streak that's just waiting to burst out. I've been delving deep into the realms of sonic alchemy, blending genres and styles like a mad scientist. Maybe a sprinkle of Techno, a dash of Tech House, and just a pinch of old-school Rave. It’s all about achieving that equilibrium where it's familiar but new, comfortable but thrilling.

Are there any specific themes or concepts that you're exploring in your upcoming projects? What inspired these ideas?

As I've evolved in my career, I've noticed a shift where the art of true audience engagement seems to have gotten a backseat. I mean, the last time I saw someone cutting shapes was probably... on a cookie dough? But I'm on a mission to change that. It's high time we brought back the heart of the party: the people!

Taking a leaf from the legendary playbook of Queen, whose concerts weren't just performances but full-fledged sing-along sessions, I aim to revolutionize the DJ scene. Imagine a set where the turntables aren’t just mine but metaphorically everyone's. It's all about interactive experiences that are more engaging than a game of 'Whack-a-Mole' after three energy drinks.

How do you ensure that each new release brings something fresh and unique to your discography? What drives you to constantly innovate and evolve your sound?

In the vast world of music, where it seems every beat and bass drop has already been explored, I often find myself playing the role of a mad scientist. I pull inspiration from the relentless energy of Techno, take a dash of those Tech House vocals that make you want to sing along, and then stir in the kind of basslines from Bass House that, if they were a physical entity, could probably bench press a small car. So, every time you hear my tracks, it's like you're being served a musical cocktail that's one part head-bob, one part hip-shake, and one part chest-thump.

As for my live DJ sets, they're essentially experimental labs where I cook up this genre-mix in real-time. My goal? Whenever you hear a new release, you're getting a plateful of 'Oh, I didn't see that coming,' with a side of 'Wait, can we hear that drop again?!'

Are there any specific goals or milestones you've set for yourself with your upcoming projects? What are you hoping to achieve with your music in the near future?

When I decided to plunge back into the world of DJing, it wasn't just with a vinyl record and a hope; it was with a game plan detailed enough to make a heist crew envious. With my team by my side, we plotted a roadmap. Not the kind you'd use for a weekend road trip, but one designed to lead me to the world's most electrifying dance floors.

Let me break it down into three crescendos:

1. Having one of my tracks pumped by the legend Carl Cox. I mean, if my beats can make him bob his head, then I'd feel like I've received the DJ's equivalent of a knighthood.

2. Getting inked by a talent agency. Not a tattoo (though that's an idea) but a signature. A commitment. An opportunity to bring my contagious beats to eager eardrums around the globe. I'm ready to spread my sound faster than a cat meme on the internet.

3. And the grand finale: Gracing the hallowed grounds of Ultra Music Festival, right in my hometown. But not just any spot; I've got my sights set on the megastructure. And let’s set the scene right: nightfall, where every beat drop syncs with heartbeats and the night is as electric as the tracks I'll drop.

In essence, my future musical aspirations are a mix of ambition, passion, and just a sprinkle of audacity. Because why dream small when the world of music is so vast?

Finally, how can fans stay updated on your upcoming projects and live shows? Do you have any special announcements or surprises in store for them?

First and foremost, brace yourselves for a seismic event in Brooklyn. I'll be making my grand debut at the illustrious “Superior Ingredients” on Sept 29th, 2023, and not just as another DJ, but as the appetizer to the main course, the legendary Danny Avila, thanks to the fine folks at DeepRoot Underground. Now, don't get me wrong, I have immense respect for Danny. And while I promise not to overcook the crowd while warming them up for him, trust that I'm not there to simply mix track a to b and call it a day.

You see, my set isn't just a DJ set. It's a contest. An Olympic-level routine on 4 decks if you will. The goal? To aim for the made-up and non-existent title of 'set of the night.' Prepare to be dazzled by the sonic tapestry I'll weave, where rumbling basslines are the threads, driving 4 on the floor kick drums form the pattern, and tunes you can belt out at the top of your lungs are the embellishments. And the rhythm? Well, it'll be so contagious that it’ll make you move. Join me in Brooklyn Sept 29: Tickets can be found here.

So, for those who want to be in the loop with all the antics, melodies, and occasional dad jokes from yours truly, follow my channels @djcodychase, bookmark my pages, or maybe even get a carrier pigeon. Just kidding about the last one. Stay tuned, because the future is looking—and sounding—brighter than a disco ball at midnight.

As our conversation draws to a close, we thank Cody Chase for his time and openness to share details about his upcoming projects, releases and live shows. As a true driving force in the Electronic Dance music world, we can assure his name will keep climbing to the top of the list of DJs and producers to follow, as his music continues to push boundaries and deliver powerful and hard-hitting vibes.

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