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We have had the pleasure of interviewing DISCOSEXO and this has been the result:

Can you tell us a little about your experience? Where are you from / how did you get into music? I’m from Miami, & spent many years between both here & New York. I grew up as a dancer & also playing piano. I started clubbing at 14, so was always looking for a good place to dance & quickly navigated into the electronic scene. I started performing parties & eventually started djing vinyl. in the last two years started collecting synthesizers & making music with my partner & collaborator Gabo Rio, as well as solo work. How is your sound evolving? What artists and genres do you enjoy mixing right now? I love a lot of different styles, I dj mostly house, acid & breaks, but when I’m making music I find myself going various directions, anywhere from house, breaks, electro, to downtempo & experimental Cumbia. How do you feel that your music influences or impacts your listeners? I want to make music that is for dancers, so a lot of the time I’m visualizing what these tracks may look like on a dance floor. I think it’s an exchange of energy so I’m hoping they feel that.

What projects are you working on right now? What can you tell us about your last job? I have a few things unreleased that I’m waiting for the right moment to reveal. This last EP “Chasing Lust” were vocals I’d been meditating on for a bit, & like many of my other projects it took the right beat for me to pair it properly later on. Where are you and what have you been doing now? I’ve been mainly in Miami for the last 4 years, still dancing & throwing events under the title “Octopussy Lounge”. I’ve gotten to enjoy djing my hometown in both raves & club scene & am looking forward to playing some other cities when things open up more. In the meantime I’m working on releasing another album this year & a music video in the next month. Has that sound changed a lot in recent years? What is your musical criteria? My musical criteria is that it must be groovy, sexy, smoke worthy, & bumping enough to cruise to. At least two of the above must check off. Do you feel safe now to play a more experimental sound?

If it makes me want to dance, yes, always. We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

I feel that I’ve always existed in the time of digital revolution, so I can’t say that it’s necessarily effected my creativity. However, I don’t really use much digital technology when creating at all. Can you tell us what your present and future projects are?

My current project is a moody house breaks EP dropping 2/28/22 on Impresíon, titled “Chasing Lust” featuring a remix by label head Gabo Rio. I have a dreamy bi-lingual house album in the works to release later on this year.

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