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Todays artist interview on Chromatic is with the enigmatic DSTM. Lets find out more...

Your music often incorporates unconventional elements and intricate sound design. How do you balance the technical aspects of your work with the emotional resonance you aim to create for your listeners?

I dare to be different, using ideas as they come, mainly from life experiences and inspiration from the world around me. Technical advances also help, bringing my ideas to life. Of course, I always hope that what I create resonates with my fan base, as they are as important to me as the music is.

As an electronic music artist, you've likely experienced various stages of growth and learning. Can you recall a specific turning point or breakthrough in your journey that significantly impacted your artistic approach?

If I had to choose a specific point in my journey, I’d say it was probably the Global Pandemic (Covid19). It was obviously an awful time for the world in general, but particularly for Artists and Music Venues which were impacted very badly. However, I used this time to my advantage, producing, creating, and recording new videos in order to stay close to my fans.

The world of electronic music is constantly evolving, with new subgenres and styles emerging regularly. How do you stay inspired and innovative in such a dynamic landscape, and are there any recent trends or movements that have caught your attention?

Not really, it’s my prerogative to not follow trends. I am not neutral to trends, I am against them and the whole system. That’s my kind of freedom, so I can produce what I want and what I feel based on my mood - not being constrained by what’s current or deemed ‘relevant’ within the scene at that time.

Building a connection with your audience is essential for any artist. How do you approach fostering a sense of community among your fans, both online and at your live shows?

My fans are everything to me. We are part of a movement, promoting freedom of expression and daring to to dream when the world is falling apart. I am continually present, mainly using social media to stay connected. You can see from my live shows that I often get down from the decks to dance with them (which I love doing)! I also have a range of merchandise that is available to buy, but also like giving items for free when I spot someone losing themselves in my music.

Many electronic music artists have unique stories behind their artist names or aliases. Can you share the origin and meaning behind yours, and if it reflects any specific aspects of your creative identity?

DSTM – Don’t Stop The Music. I don’t think my message can be any clearer. Music inspires and brings people together, no matter your age or background, inclusivity for all.

With the growing popularity of streaming platforms and online music sharing, the way artists reach their audience has changed significantly. What are your thoughts on the current state of music consumption, and how do you navigate the balance between making a living and staying true to your art?

Music consumption has changed massively, even in the past 5-10 years. It is hugely competitive, particularly on the more commercial sites...but I aim to make my music available and affordable for as many people as possible. It’s not about making money for me, it’s about sharing what I love.

As an artist, you've likely faced moments of self-doubt or creative blocks. Can you share some strategies or techniques you've employed to overcome these obstacles and maintain your passion for creating electronic music?

Sometimes I just take a break and reflect...then wait for an idea to come. I also find linking in with my fans and other Artists helps, we’re all here for each other.

Whats next for you?

My new album (Fight the System) has just been released which I’m very proud of. I’m also due to play for the 20 years of Fabrik Madrid in July (Carl Cox invites), it has been a huge honour to be invited and I’m really looking forward to it. Then comes my first festival “Electric Fortress” in Komárom - Hungary, Colombian Tour in August and LA debut...after this space!

Many thanks!


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