INTERVIEW: Fausto Fanizza and Thomas Schwartz

Working in perfect harmony, Italy-based producers Fausto Fanizza & Thomas Schwartz have been working together for many years after meeting as neighbours. Finding excellent synergy, and experimenting with many different genres over the years, the pair have recently teamed up to release a remix on Purified Records of Serra 9 & Phoebe’s ‘Rain’. Chatting about the new release and music in general, we caught up with them in an exclusive interview below –

Welcome to Chromatic Fausto Fanizza & Thomas Schwartz! How are things with you?

We are doing well trying to get back to normality during these pandemic days. How have you developed your sounds over the last few years?

We have been producing techno, house & progressive over the last 26 years, so currently it’s a sound that contains various genres and styles. Congratulations on your new remix on Purified Records. What has it been like working with the label?

We love Purified and Nora’s music world! When you guys produce tracks together, do you do it remotely, or together in the studio?

Actually, we live in two different cities. We work remotely in the first stages. Once we have some interesting ongoing projects, that's when we meet up. Do you have any rituals or studio practices that help motivate or inspire you?

Not really. It's life that basically tells us when it's the moment to do something. Good times, bad times, all contribute. Sometimes you have that spark and others… oh well we relax and listen to what the music industry has to offer. Do you enjoy creating music from all different genres, or do you prefer to stick to what you “know” best?

We've never been big fans of genres, boundaries and that sort of stuff. Let's say that we stick to what gives us something in that moment and once the well is dry, it's the time to search and study.

What have been some career highlights for you guys?

We've been working together since we were very young, almost 26 years now. We had some very great moments as artists. Worldwide success with Starchaser 'Love will set you free' back in 2001, Best Progressive Track (Beatport) with Jupiter Calling back in 2007, collab with Faithless, remixes of Above and Beyond's tracks.

We remixed Will Young's “Thank you” for Island Records. We were also appointed by Coldplay to remix “Hymn for the weekend” and “A head full of dreams" but in the end they didn’t use the remix. We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

Nope, not if deep in your heart and soul you're an artist. What new music are you guys working on for 2022?

We've been working hard over the last 2 years. At the moment we are just focusing on coming up with some cool ideas. Where can we follow you for news etc?

Our social networks are always updated with new upcoming releases.