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INTERVIEW: George Calle

We welcome George Calle to the site for today interview, lets find out a bit more about a man who has lead a seriously interesting life in the music business over the years.

Can you tell us a little about your history, what high points have you had?

I hear myself replying in Dr Evil voice lol- seriously, I’ve had a great life in this business. My years playing brand new songs on the #1 US station WKTU NY were among the most exciting times: playing in front of tens of thousands of fans, breaking now classics at 4pm in NYC in air, remixing Earth, Wind &Fire, Gloria Estefan, Lionel Richie, Donna Summer, Gloria Estefan…all great high points.

Where are you from? and do you feel that has a big impact on your sound?

I was born in Newark NJ, arguably one of the cradles of house music civilization. Also a great hip hop influence as well as a place where disco and punk flourished. So yes, my hometown and the house parties I hosted had a huge influence.

What artists and genres do you enjoy most right now?

I’m loving Afro Latin, Nu Disco as well as straight up House. Pretty much the genres I would say my productions are influenced by.

My influences are more tied to artists like Prince, Santana and Nina Simone than anything else.

Was your new record a big endevour?

there are some incredible versions in there. It couldn’t have come together without the amount of time the lockdowns and pandemic afforded me. Some songs were easy. Others took a very long time. Heart of Glass was particularly challenging as the original is just so iconic! Change on the other side of that happened quickly and painlessly. To be honest, now that it’s completed, I miss the process. Like watching your child go off to college.

Has the sound of the records you love, changed a lot over time?

No. I add a few all times favorites every couple of years but my favorites will always be my favorites. Tears -Frankie Knuckles…KOT/Julie McKnight -Finally…Prince…these will never change.

What made you pick the tracks you did on the new album?

Im loving your questions! Thank you for the thoughtful attention you’ve clearly out into this! Mostly, I just let my wish list of songs I wanted to re produce run wild. Each song has been a song that made me “feel” over the years. I wanted to give the world and álbum they too could “feel”.

We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

I do not produce for sales. I’d love to give all of it away to as many people as possible! It’s personal. I want to share this LP with the world. Money will come if it’s meant to come. But my musical message needs to be above that.

Can you tell us whats next for you?

I sure hope the world comes out of this terrible funk we find ourselves in and I can spin for a live crowd again soon. My mind has opened up so much after two years of staying away from it. I’m so ready to bring my music to a live crowd again!

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