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INTERVIEW: Heard Right

Gracing the airwaves with his serene soundscapes, melodic producer Heard Right’s originals and remixes have been released on a variety of revered imprints, including Purified, Rose Avenue and Colorize to name a few. Combining melodic and floating sounds with progressive house sensibilities, his previous releases on Purified Records include collaborations with Furcloud (Rise EP), OAI (On The Edge EP, Time Of Knowledge EP and Hope), Anriu (Be Myself EP) and Fløa (Insight EP). Marking his most in-depth offering to date, Heard Right’s forthcoming solo album, ‘Dreams’ will take listeners on a sonic journey across 12 different tracks, featuring an array of vocalists from around the world. We spoke to the talented producer ahead of the first single, ‘Pulling Me Under’ Ft. Phoebe Tsen.

1. Hello Heard Right - we are happy to have you with us on Chromatic Club. Can you introduce yourself to our readers? My name is Jenya, I'm from the small town - Grodno, which is in Belarus. I write Melodic House and Progressive House music. You may have heard about me through collaboration with Nora En Pure's label - Purified Records. I also have releases on labels like Monstercat Silk, Rose Avenue, Colorize and much more releases on other awesome labels. 2. How is your sound evolving? What artists and genres do you enjoy mixing right now? I think now my sound is more melodic and lighter. Nowadays I really like to listen and play tracks from EMBRZ, Rezident, Massane, Klur. 3. How do you feel that your music influences or impacts your listeners? I hope that my music gives pleasure to listeners and makes them feel positive emotions. 4. Congratulations on your album ‘Dreams’, coming out this summer on Purified Records. What is it like working with Purified and what do you hope to achieve with this body of work? Thank you very much, this album is a very big and very personal release for me. I really enjoy working with the label's team and I'm happy that they gladly agreed to release my album on Purified. I don't have any expectations for the release, the main thing is that the listeners are satisfied and enjoy listening to this album, I tried to make the album more varied and interesting. 5. How did you choose the people you collaborated with on this album? Everyone I worked with on my album is a very great artist and almost all the artists were on my list to whom I was going to write and propose collaboration. I'm very glad that they all agreed to be part of my album and made it really unique. 6. What have been your proudest moments of your career to date? Definitely the release of my first album and the collaboration with the Purified team. I hope that we can surprise you with this album and other upcoming releases. 7. Do you have any last words for our readers? Stay safe and listen to good music :)

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