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El sello Joy Digital nos ha demostrado, en su largo recorrido, por una clara apuesta por una tipología de productores musicales, que si algo les caracteriza, es su irregularidad, centrados en su búsqueda de múltiples caminos inestables y que, capeando el temporal, cosechando éxitos e incorporando todo aquello que la experiencia les brinda, emergen como de sopetón con propuestas tan singulares y sorprendentes como lo es la de su propia trayectoria personal. Trabajan atentos para detectar cuándo es el momento de entrar en el estudio con los artistas para ponerlo todo patas arriba…

A continuación entrevistamos HEVI LEVI, autor de su último release: “NO LANDING GEAR”

¿Puedes contarnos un poco sobre tu experiencia? ¿De dónde eres y cómo te metiste en la música?

Could you tell us something about your experience? Where are you from and how did you get involved in music industry?

I am electronic music DJ & Producer from Tel Aviv, Israel. I am a DJ for a long time, starting dging 25 years ago. Was Manchester United Football Club Resident DJ. Back in 2012 –2016 I had a duo called Levi&Swiss. I played both in underground clubs and in the biggest music festivals around the world (Tomorrowland, Laundry Day, Escape, sensation, space, Futurami, IT, Ministry Of Sound, Pacha and many more). Founded and owns Joy Group, a record label, a school for DJs and producers, recording studios and more.

¿Cómo está evolucionando tu sonido? ¿Qué artistas y géneros disfrutas mezclando en este momento?

How is your sound evolving? Which artists and genres you enjoy mixing in this moment?

I like to mix artist that have sounds like my own, as much as I can, I want to make very solid vibe when I play, I want my sets to deliver the same vibe when I play one set. I like a lot of artists but I also listen to the crowd listen to the feelings, I can change my set here or there if I think they are not built or right now crowd don’t feel it like I do but mostly I okey with it, I know how to play the right songs to the right crowd, people book me because of my sound not because others.

I inspired by many artists, but I play them only if I think the sound is good for now for the crowd that I am meeting. There is different inspiration, I can be inspired by a lot of type of music and it will come to my music when I create it but when I play it’s more complex. Inspiration on me it's not enough it's also need to be very good for the crowd, for example when I make set, I can listen to the part that someone did and think “oh this is great, I like it” but the whole track will not fit to the dance floor so I will not use it.

¿Cómo sientes que tu música influye o impacta en sus oyentes?

How you feel that your music influences or impacts your listener?

I think it’s let them feel and think at the same time they can dance to my music and still be emotional like rave to it and still be emotional about it. This is what I wanted to get, that people can listen to my music and dance to it while felling and been affected by the sound

¿En qué proyectos estás trabajando ahora mismo? ¿Qué nos puedes contar de tu último trabajo?

In which projects are you working in this moment? What can you tell us about your last work?

I manage my label Joy with all the artists, right now I finish all 5 tracks of “No Landing Gear”

project, and I have my weekly radio show, Buckle Up – it’s one-hour live mix that coming out on my channels and few radios around the word.

My last Project called “No landing gear” it contains 5 tracks, first one came out on August 19th and the second one - Eris will be released on the 9th of September.

This project is about the journey, but journey in time and space among the stars. These tracks somehow combine very futuristic music sounds with some 90s sounds, even goa trance sounds, but in the end, it stays house. The idea of this project “No landing gear” means - “This time l am fly and I don’t care if I am land or not, I just want to make it the best I can” and all the rest of the track including Eris that will released soon will be about stars or asteroids in space, in the end it will be 5 tracks, I chose every star's name because of the reason and if you want to know the reason - listen to the tracks!

¿Ha cambiado mucho ese sonido en los últimos años? ¿Cuál es tu criterio musical en tu último trabajo?

Your sound has changed a lots in the last years? Which is your musical view in your last work?

My sound was started from Europe trance and club trance and came to progressive house. It’s a combination between all psy trance, house in lower bpm 122-124 bpms and that’s it.

Todos sabemos que la revolución digital ha afectado las ventas, pero, ¿piensas que ha afectado a la creatividad?

We all know that the digital revolution has affected to music selling, but, do you think has affected to creativity?

Yes, I think yes. I don’t know if it's made it better or worse but basically it makes both. Because right now everybody is a producer, everybody with the computer can produce music and it’s very easy to upload it to the network but then again this very good I think, because people are getting more creative, more making music and you can meet people without meeting them. I making music with people all over the world without really meeting them or been in same room with them. And also, the social media made very clear that the crowd can choose what they like and not the radios or tv will affected, back in a days if something was on MTV that was what we listen to, right now it's how many stories people made and if a lot of people making stories about something – this hyping. People really deciding - power to the people.

¿Puedes contarnos cuáles son tus proyectos presentes y futuros?

Could you tell us about your present and future projects?

My next project will be something different not space and stars but something interesting.

For now, and nearest future, I will stay with progressive house and I will concentrate on the festival music because its where I am, not for radio or club music, more festival music, I want to make what I am making now better and more creative.


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