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INTERVIEW: Honingbeer presents OpiaOpia

Honingbeer's "Opia" is a work as careful as it is meticulous. The result is big, dramatic and bold. It is full of emotional warmth and sincerity.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him and this has been the result.

How did the Opia release come together and how did you sign it to Bigamo? I wrote Opia during the pandemic. During the first lockdown I was living alone and finding peace with solitude. The second lockdown I was homeless and trying to live my life while I was standing still. It all translated into the music I guess, which I wrote by combining my violin with electronics, mostly delays that created a whole new world for me. To finish the EP I worked with Tom Broshuis, an ambient producer, who looked for interesting additions to my violin-based compositions. We added some bass synths and mysterious ambient-ish sounds to finish the compositions, which made it richer and really finished the EP for me. I noticed Bigamo because of Joram Feitsma, who also lives in Utrecht, who curated my music in a Bigamo playlist. I’ve just sent out my music to them, they liked it, and here we are! It is an honor. What do you want to transmit in this work? What is the concept behind it? I want to be as honest as possible with myself by translating my mind and emotions into sounds. I wanted to go deep, but also contain some mystery around it, which is actually not so hard since there are no lyrics involved. I hope that my music soothes people, and makes them feel understood with their own feelings and emotions. I’d love to blanket my listener in soothing violin sounds.

Do you remember an album or concert that made you see everything in a different way? “Captain of None” and “A flame my love a frequency” by Colleen both had a huge influence on me. The way she combines instruments with electronics is very authentic, she always seems to reinvent herself. I am highly inspired by that. Also themes as being connected to everything around you, which she sings about in “I’m kin”, deeply influenced me. I highly recommend her music, it made me get into creating my own music and world. You're based in Utrecht, do you have any recommendations for the city? EKKO is a very lovely venue to check out music, Springhaver is the sweetest old pub/cinema with their own beer “Josje”, Rabarber has the best lunch and de Klub serves amazing creative food if you want to have special dinner. Visiting de Nijverheid feels like being in Berlin, while being in Utrecht. The best spot in town to read a book in the sun, is down the canal of the Nieuwe Gracht, which is very quiet and idyllic. And of course, Le Guess Who? Festival is something you’re not allowed to miss! Any final words of wisdom?

Flowers letting go of their petals teach me the art of living: letting go.

Credit photo: Satellite June


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