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PIV046 sheds light on local Jamback talent. The young emerging producer puts his cards on the table with an elegant debut EP. The first piece that caught the attention and outright success is "Roaring 20's", after which comes "Motion" with some serious chord arrangements and a versatile instrumental progression. "Pick Up" offers a faster pace for peak times, with Irish mastermind Robbie Doherty providing a crunchy remix to add extra flavor.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with Jamback and this has been the result.

Hey, where in the world are you now, and what’s your plans for today?

Hey Guys, I’m currently at the office of Continu in Rotterdam. This is the place where I started working when the pandemic began in 2020 and were I still work as a consultant during the week. What my plans are for today? After work I’m going to the gym to have a little workout. Straight after I’m having dinner with my girlfriend at our place and after dinner it’s time for me to go to the studio at my parent’s place to make some music 😊

For those that are not familiar, tell us about your DJ Career to date?

My DJ Career is just beginning since I started making house music in 2019, just a year before the covid pandemic started. Before I started producing House music, I was focusing on being a guitarist. I went to a High School in Rotterdam to study Music/Guitar besides college.

I always went to a lot of parties from a young age, I was actually really into the harder styles of electronic dance music. When I was 18, I went to Ibiza with my best friend Mischa. I fell in love with House music and specially the deeper/tech sound within the house scene.

Your sound in 3 words?

Energetic/ authentic/ melodic

Artists you have aspired to the most and why?

I really like DJOKO his sound and his up-tempo house beats. He’s also really good with his chord progressions and creative way of making grooves. Also, DeMarzo and Toman are guys which I really look up to. Specially how clean there mix sounds in the club. All the details are there and their levels are always on point. This is something I find hard in making my own music.

How did your relationship with PIV start?

A relationship is a big word, but I love the party’s they organize. I went to a lot of o them in the past! Niels (Chris Stussy) was still doing the A&R for PIV. At that time, I spoke to him on a party in Amsterdam and he played a track of me once. I emailed him the A-side of my Ep ‘Roaring 20’s’ He was positive about it and sent it through to Prunk and M-High. Since then, Marijn and I (M-High) were in contact to finish the EP and now a year later it’s time to share it with the world.

Your new EP’ Roaring 20’s is super groovy, happy and light-hearted. What was the goal when you were making this?

At the time I made the A-side of the EP I was living together with my buddy Max (Milion). We were at lockdown in that period, so we were fantasizing a lot about everything open up again here. I remember reading an article about the Roaring 20’s. 100 years ago, a pandemic was also happening in the world. After it ended the party’s cultural movement were growing immensely. I hope and think, that this will happen again and we will have another ‘Roaring 20’s. I really hope the situation in Ukraine will not escalate further. I’m afraid that it will become a global conflict. To not think about that music is one of the best ways to lose feeling of time and just enjoy the feeling you get listening to the music. With that in mind I made these tracks.

As for your studio, what is your setup currently made of?

I work most of the time inside the box, but I like to play around with my Korg Minilogue xd. Also, I try to add some live guitar in my tracks. I really like the MK16 sequencer which is a Max for live plugin in Ableton. What was the last record store you visited and what did you buy?

I don’t go to record stores that often, last time was a long time ago. I use the internet instead xd. I do love to go to music stores to try out new gear and play some guitars.

What’s next for you (tell us about gigs and releases etc)

Since everything is open again here in the Netherlands the gigs are now coming in slowly but surely. Also, I got some gigs coming up in the UK and Spain which I’m really excited about. It will be the first time for me to play outside the Netherlands.

Also, I’m really looking forward extending Airtime Records, my friend Julius (Jesse Jacob) and me have been working really hard to extend the label with vinyl releases and events. We are having a lot of fun doing so and I hope we will do so for a long time 😊


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