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Actualizado: 8 ago 2022

Spending the last year honing his production skills and heightening his passion for sound design, Atlanta-based producer JD Farrell is ready to showcase the results of his studio sessions. Making a huge release debut in 2021 with his mammoth collaboration Reservoir alongside Sam Wolfe, the duo displayed their undeniable synergy and impressive production abilities. Sharing the decks with industry legends, including Alan Walker, Cristoph, Duke Dumont and many more, his energetic sets have taken him all around North America, and he is destined to share his authoritative sound with audiences around the rest of the globe. With his latest release, JD returns to Purified Records with Moccasin, and we caught up with him to discuss his journey so far, and new music.

Can you tell us a little about your experience? Where are you from / how did you get into music?

Atlanta, GA. I got into music at a young age. My mother was a vocalist and instructor, my stepfather a drummer, and my father played the piano constantly, so I was always around music. I took lessons in woodwinds and played in concert bands for years, and as technology advanced and my passion continued to grow, I began to explore other avenues, specifically electronic music and digital sound design. I became slightly obsessed with house music over the years and got my foot in the door as an artist liaison for a major promotion/booking agency here in Atlanta. After years of being in the space and continuing to create, I eventually moved on to focusing solely on my artistry. When did you know that you wanted to make music your career?

Music has always been a major part of my life, but I didn’t really consider it a potential career option until I started digital audio production 2-3 years ago. Do you remember a track or record where your passion for music was initially ignited? For electronic music: 1992 – Ace of Base – All That She Wants Tell us about your new track Moccasin.

Mocassin is a progressive house track that was a follow up to my first Purified collaboration with Sam Wolfe (‘Reservoir’). It was designed with the intention of reminding us to live for the moment because time won’t change the sentiment that you have in the present; make sure to experience the here and now while you can before it’s too late and the opportunity passes you by. It opens with a powerful message, ascends into controlled chaos, and climaxes into a harmony that sparks a visceral feeling of empowerment. You are just embarking on your journey as a releasing artist. Can you give some advice to others just beginning their journey?

Work harder than everyone around you. Particularly on polishing your craft. Music and musical skillset first, brand second. Get the right instruments, and if possible, find an experienced mentor or likeminded artists to help you develop. No matter what, don’t give up! You DJ all over the US with incredible names. Has there been a stand out show for you?

The most fun I’ve ever had playing a show was a 2-hour b2b with my bro, Sam Wolfe, on support for Kaskade here at home. Was a next level experience to drop our first release together to a sold-out crowd of fellow Atlantans.

How do your DJ sets differ to your releases?

They don’t too much. I try to build a compelling journey from start to finish, inclusive of big, melodic, progressive sounds that create an emotional connection between myself and my audience. If you’re a fan of progressive house/melodic house & techno, you’ll certainly enjoy! Do you have any other releases in the pipeline?

Just wrapped up my remix of ‘Cloudy Heart’ by Cazzette+EPB+The Ready Set, which drops in September!


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