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INTERVIEW: KOKA presents The Next Step

KOKA creates music that works in all environments and transcends genres. His openness to a wide range of sounds is what has made her a widely loved favorite, but also someone who operates in his own parallel musical world. We had a chance to talk to her, so enjoy your reading and check out his latest releases from her.

Hello Chromatic, i am very good right now. Summer in Berlin is always a blast!

Currently i am working on finishing my debut album with my producers Lindahl and Henne Müller from Riverside Studios Berlin.

I also write music every week, rehearse and curate my social profiles. What can you tell us about your last job? How was it born? What is the concept you want to convey? My last release was born while I was becoming aware how powerful my mind can be if I train it. My life was shifting vividly in 2017 from an inward journey. Stepping out of the comfort zone, breaking written and unwritten rules to find my truth. The song is a call to break free from the conformities we hold on to, that are not made for all of us.

What can you tell us about the clues to this work? What order and meaning have you wanted to give it?

I usually don’t decide the meaning of my songs. They come to me. Mostly at night. This one came out in one go while playing with a dirty synth sound in the studio of a friend producer i used to hang out with earlier. I wrote the whole song in 1 hour. Then it remained in my demos Folder for 3 years.

Why did you want to work on a more analog sound? I come mainly from an analog sound. My songs start with piano and vocals. I like it to listen to my ideas stripped down, genuine like that. Producing the songs by means of synthesisers and electronic sounds means for me, adding depth and layers that trigger more emotions. How has your sound evolved?

I think we all have our heroes, whose sound influences and inspires us. For me some of these like Kate Bush, Depeche Mode, Portishead, Radiohead, NIN, Massive Attack (many more) are vivid in my subconscious, while i make music. Certainly i often get an idea of what i want the instruments and effect to sound like, but working with the great producer Lindahl, who is an outstanding electronic music artist as well and with my coproducer Henrik Müller from Gheist, has helped me bring this sound to life.

Could you tell us some last words of wisdom? Creativity is not just our power as beings but our responsibility towards the life that was given to us. Freeing ourselves from “must” and “shoulds” makes space to create more and enrich the world.




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