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INTERVIEW: Lost Tuesday Society

Lost Tuesday Society are Jay Browning (bass) Alfie Scheinman (guitar, flute, vocals) Sarah Birch (guitar, vocals) Darran Browning (guitar, vocals) Simon Jones (drums) Kate Ronconi (violin, vocals)

Lost Tuesday Society is a 6-piece band that collectively come from a variety of different musical backgrounds and therefore bring with them a variety of personal influences; from traditional and alternative folk, grunge and shoe-look, funk, psychedelia and rock.

The result is a unique mix of music with intricate compositions, strong hooks, and melodic lines that combine into a huge dynamic sound that gets people on their feet.

With four vocalists (Sarah, Kate, Darran, and Alfie) in the band, the harmonies are interesting, beautiful, and an important element to the sound of Lost Tuesday Society. With a heavier baseline and driving rhythm section (Jay and Simon) and two accomplished guitarists (on Alfie and Darran), the new material introduced today has a maturity and edge that is beautifully enhanced by weaving strings (Kate ), flute (Alfie) and melodic (Sarah).

We have had the pleasure of speaking with them and this has been the result.

Can you tell us a little about your experience? Where are you from / how did you get into music?

Of all the friends to meet with now it was our past lives that agreed, in the chaotic existence of our former selves to find a time in the future to meet and make music and here we are are.

We can’t believe it worked.

How is your sound evolving? What artists and genres do you enjoy mixing right now?

Organically as fuck. Our first album was the brain child of founding members Sarah and Darran accompanied by the original rhythm section of Ian Cootes on drums and Darren Beynon on bass. Alfie joined the band as we were making the first album, who added flutey guitar magic as we went along as the rhythm section over time evolved into the groovy bass of hyper happy hippie soul Jay Browning and the Simon Jones whose funky soulful innovative drumming brought the band into a new realm of heavy intentions and the amazing Kate Ronconi whose violin and harmonies provided the final genius icing on the Tuesdays cake.

How do you feel your music influences or impacts your listeners?


What projects are you working on right now? What can you tell us about your last job?

Our last job was working Jupiter Zoo, Alfie got us all fired for trying to teach a time-whale flute.

Where are you and what have you been doing now?

We are on Earth and we have been discussing your questions while eating bowls of warm steam.

Has that sound changed a lot in recent years? What is your musical criteria?


We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

No. The digital revolution coincided with the technological revolution - we can all summon orchestras at the touch of a button, create films with an ease that Kubrick would sell his last laugh for.

Creativity at the moment has less boundaries than ever before and there are a billion people creating art in some way even as you read this, it is just the motivation of the individual that prevents art happening.

Can you tell us what your present and future projects are?

Music music music, songs and more songs and videos and plays and colourful playground yesness beeeep and so on. Whatever it is we’d love to let you know


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