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INTERVIEW: Luis Miranda

Born in Madrid and raised with techno-pop, Acid House, and piano lessons, Luis Miranda currently lives in Los Angeles.

He is one of the rising names in the techno scene as a DJ and producer with impressive growth in the last 2 years, reaching his first # 1 on Beatport for his EP "Sensation" [KD Raw] in February 2021.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with him and this has been the result.

What was the first thing that attracted you to the world of electronic music?

The first thing that blew my mind was the different palette of sounds and hypnotic rhythms in comparison to mainstream music, in particular the acid sounds and hard-hitting kicks, followed by the mysterious magic and control from that person that was manipulating knobs and playing vinyl called the DJ. That curiosity drove me to watch them night after night, and deconstruct what they did, resulting in me self-teaching myself the art. Do you remember any album or concert that has changed everything?

The Chemical Brothers and Fat Boy Slim from the late 90s made me see beyond the traditional limits between electronic music genres. Also, Jean-Michel Jarre’s album Oxygene 7-13 delighted my mind with its cinematic futuristic soundscapes and put a seed on my curiosity about the sensorial possibilities of sound design and synthesizers. Since you got into this professionally, what did you miss the most nationally, internationally, and on the contrary, what helped you the most to grow, even to believe in yourself?

Actually being a DJ is not like the Instagram life of a DJ. You miss a lot of key moments with your family, like birthdays, anniversaries, and essentially any celebration that happens on a weekend. Loneliness can also be a bitch.

That said, seeing the results of working hard, the reactions of people to my sets, and especially to my original music is the biggest reward. It supercharges my artistic confidence, and drives me to continue to grow, and push my limits. Also, seeing some of my favourite DJs, people I admire, play my tracks, that’s another big shot of endorphins to your confidence. But I couldn’t have navigated the ups and downs without the support of my tribe, who are always there to make me feel loved.

As well, working on my mental health, meditation, and focus have been key factors in my discipline… and seeing the glass half full.

How is the music scene living in your city with this murky pandemic situation?

Sadly, it was a disaster like everywhere else, but by the end of this summer we started to see the light, and outdoor events started to open. Luckily LA weather favored all types of outdoor options, so we saw the attendance of our electronic fans everywhere from dessert parties, to pool parties, and festivals. Currently, in the US we are mostly in full effect with parties, festivals, raves, and clubs.

Traveling internationally is still difficult. The different COVID situations and travel restrictions in different countries have impacted visas.

Hopefully, the situation will start to normalize everywhere else soon in a safe way.

What are your favorite places to hang out in the city?

In LA everything is quite spread out, so you end up moving around a lot, but I spend most of the time between my neighbourhoods: Marina del Rey and Venice, and Downtown LA. Different places depending on the goal.



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