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INTERVIEW: Matrefakt

Matrefakt is back at Sous Music. A year after the release of their debut 'False Promises', the Liverpool-based duo have been very busy going from strength to strength, building a name for themselves with standout releases on Skream's Of Unsound Mind, Abandon Silence, Shall Not Fade. and his own imprint, Attitudes towards life.

The collaboration with the Liverpool-based producer had been long overdue after they had known each other for years. They recently collaborated on a release for Skream's 'Of Unsound Mind' label and 'Ethos' sees them reunite for the title track of this release on Anja's Sous label. 'Ethos' is a synth and bass loaded groover with more than a nod to the 80's. A release with two original cuts, Matrefakt fly solo to hit tribal techno training, '14:47' as B-side.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with him and this has been the result.

Hey Guys, how are you? How did today start for you?

We are good thanks, excited for the year ahead, we have a lot of releases coming up. Today started with a much-needed clean-up of the studio, a lot of wires to untangle and dust to clear!

How did you meet? Was this through music?

We met through mutual friends who knew we both made music and suggested we should get in the studio together, we both wanted to make similar stuff to each other at the time, so it worked right away.

When it comes to production, who’s role is what and how to you split the tasks in the studio?

We don’t really have any specific roles in the studio, neither of us play any instruments so it’s just a case of jamming amongst ourselves in the studio to see what comes out.

Some amazing releases on a selection of labels, what was your most career defining release?

We feel like we are only just getting started in our career and hope to have many more releases in the future that will hopefully define what we are.

What are your goals for releases this year after your ‘Ethos’ EP on Sous Music?

We have some exciting releases coming up early in the year, after the release on Sous we have a 4 track EP coming on Mella Dee’s Ware House Music label, a chance to show off the more techno driven side of us. We also have the 7th release on our own label pencilled in for April too, a 3 track EP with one of our biggest unreleased tracks on there!

You’ve had a previous release on the label, what draws you to Sous?

Well, this is basically our 3rd release there in the last 12 months! Anja is such a big supporter of what we do, and we send her so much music that it only feels right to release on the label again, we are sure it is something we will do again in the future.

The title track is a collaboration with Culture Jam, can you tell us more about this artist?

Culture Jam is a long-term friend of ours in the industry who lives very local to where we do, this is a new alias from him and very different to other projects that he has worked on before, he’s a very talented producer and a good friend of ours too.

You’ve collaborated before, what does he bring to your sound?

Nothing specific really, we just have a good connection/energy when we are in the studio together and enjoy working with each other, something good always comes out in the end whether that be House, Techno or somewhere in between like ‘Ethos’.

Finally, do you have any New Years resolutions?

We got fed up with New Years resolutions because we never stick to them! Ha ha, We just want to remain positive and keep working to put music out to share with people.


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