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INTERVIEW: Oscar Sanchez

Oscar Sanchez is a well-known and regular person in the Sierra de Toledo (Spain), he has played in clubs such as Family Club, Area 42, Project, Sajoy and festivals in the area such as Oasis Summer Festival, Conexion Fest, ElectroTech, and Electronic.

Since 2017 he organizes techno parties with System Efe. He has shared stand with names such as Cristian Varela, Christian Wunsch, Kessell, Svreca, Pelacha, Elesbaan, Kessell, Kuroi, Nuke, Cesar Almena, HD Substance, Luis MF, Raul Parra, Roll Dann, Orbe, Peg, Xpansul, Yoikol, Zadig, Regal...

Production wise, he has published on labels like Addeepted. Arido Records, THR Records, Black Bore Records, Maniacs Records, Skandhas Records, Black Turtle Records, Lazuli Records, MTDN Audio records, Toxic Recordings, Shodan Records, Sulino Records, No Pain Records, Vapourtrail Records, Betrieb Records, WINKED, Skull... He has several pending releases for this 2021. His sessions are marked by a strong rhythm but full of techno that reflects your good taste when selecting music. To end in 2021, he was born @raaccso, the

pseudonym used for house sounds, tech, afro...

Sanchez creates music that works in all environments and transcends genres. His openness of him to a wide range of sounds is what has made him a widely loved favorite, but also someone who operates in his own parallel musical world. We had a chance to talk to her, so enjoy your reading and check out her latest releases from her from her.

How and when have you been interested in music? And electronic music?

First, thank you for your interest in me in this interview. Since I started listening to music I opted for electronic music, I was 15 years old when I recorded tapes that I later put on one of those old Walkmans of the time. Let's say that electronics has always been present in my life.

Can you tell us a little about your experience? Where are you from / how did you get into music?

I live between two beautiful towns near Toledo, Spain. My beginnings in music go back to the year 2000 when I received my first record players and started buying vinyl that was playing in my house and in various pubs in my town.

How is your sound evolving? What artists and genres do you enjoy mixing right now?

The good thing about electronic music is that every week you can find many artists with great productions but who do not have names. It is sad because the level of some of them is much better than that of those who only live by name. Soundcloud is a good showcase and where you can find great artists. In my sessions I like to include songs by Axel Karakasis, Vinicious Honorio, Marca, Truncate, The southern, Lekebusch and many more of this style.

How do you feel that your music influences or impacts your listeners?

Lately it is difficult to reach people since between the mysterious algorithms of social networks and the postures of videos and photos it is imposing itself as a way to achievements and performances.

People do not value what you do and every time this world is moved more by friendships and worst of all, by too much envy and not exactly healthy.

I humbly make my music and stay active by recording podcasts and I know that I have people who appreciate it and listen to me, with that it works for me, the rest does not matter to me, each of us must seek each other and do our best without stepping on anyone.

What projects are you working on right now? What can you tell us about your last job?

I try not to stray too far from the studio and make time every week to make music. A break is always good, but the truth is that I don't take it badly. I have closed releases until December 2021. My last work with Defmain Music arose because I liked to see how the "humble" labels promote their artists and help them and I decided to speak with Daniel and make a collaboration, the result was "Utepils", from the cuel I am very happy.

Where are you and what have you been doing now?

I am currently finishing 3 tracks to send to a label that was interested in my music, and as I said and will say now, the labels with the fewest names are sometimes the ones that can best help an artist to become known.

Has that sound changed a lot in recent years? What is your musical criteria?

If I start listening to the vinyls that I bought in the 2000s, they may fit perfectly into my current sessions. I am very eclectic, that is, I just need to listen to a track for 10 seconds to choose it or not. I don't look at names or labels, just that it fits hard-hitting techno with a rhythm that I like.

Do you feel safe now to play a more experimental sound?

Yes of course, in fact in my latest releases I like to innovate and make tracks with the broken bass drum, that is, not 4x4. I like to change the rules and within my possibilities to make different music but according to my tastes.

We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

I think that nowadays there is a lot of scope when it comes to making music with plugins as with instruments. There is also a lot that takes advantage of the sale of samples and packs, which I do not see badly, since everyone, and I mean everyone, sometimes turns to sound libraries. The good thing about creativity is trying to do things your way without anyone influencing you or looking at anyone.

What can you tell us about your last work? What did you want to convey?

When I was working with Defmain Music I wanted to cover 4 techno styles that were compatible in my DJ sessions. From the theme in 140 to finish a set like "Egil", going through the tracks of the body of the set like "Valeb" and "Utepils", and ending with “Garoso, a track to start sets with the help of the voice. In short, a disc with 4 cuts compatible with each other and with many others.

Can you tell us what your present and future projects are?

My next releases will be released in July, with two VAs and a new EP for a British label. In August and September there are also closing dates.

Thanks for your time.


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