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INTERVIEW: Parallel presents Seven Close Suns EP [Midnight People]

Inspired by the 1980s anime series Ulysses 31, Parallel's Seven Close Suns EP dives into themes of space and technology. Incorporating sounds from the series, arranged over Italo and hi-hat basslines, the London-based producer delivers 4 original tracks. Birds remixes the title track, with a post-punk and new wave twist, merging his vocals on top to get his signature sound.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing Parallel and this has been the result.

How are you? And how would you present yourself or your work to an audience that doesn't know you?

Hi I’m well thank you. I would say I’m a young man from SE London with a love for the indie dance side of dance music. My work reflects both of those things.

What is there in the music that calls you so much?

I’d say music has always been my main creative outlet, listening or making it. The music and genres that come from and talk to me most reflect my personality.

What was the first track or album that prompted you to create?

I’m not sure I could put a finger on a track or album, I’ve been recording guitar tracks and playing with daws since my early teens.

In such a saturated market, how would you advise someone looking to express themselves creatively?

Just feel good about what you’re working on, enjoy the sounds you like and continue to make something new regularly. It’s also great to take inspiration but don’t worry about comparing yourself to anything else within your scene too heavily. Do you!

Do you think music should be political?

I think it can be, lots of music I love is political, lots of punk albums, hip hop. But it doesn’t have to be, being creative in itself can be somewhat of a political statement? I think.

Has your sound changed a lot since you started until now?

Yes definitely! And it is still changing until this day. I think music should be a reflection of yourself and we’re all always changing, right?

Where is your sound headed?

I’m not sure! I listen to a lot of 80’s and a lot of post-punk/new wave at the moment. I would love to incorporate that into my dance music.

Can you tell us about present and future projects?

I wish I could but it’s all top secret.

What inspired you with this EP?

This EP is inspired by my love of synthy Italo music, contextualised around vocal samples from the 80’s Anime series, ‘Ulysses 31’. Fun, right!

If you could give a tip to your younger self what would it be?

Cut that hair man. Joking aside I think worry less about what others are doing and just keep on making new music and expressing yourself however feels right. Also learn to EQ your snares.

Describe your sound in three words?

Simply the best.


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