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Nostaligenta is a fantasy planet. A place that beckons us and lives in our dreams but we’ve never been there. For Ready In Led Nostaligenta is the image of 80’s era. She hasn’t witnessed the triumphant sound of Giorgio Moroder, the wave of British synth-pop of the new wave, but this era and it’s sound today serve as the main creative guideline for her.

The plot of the song develops around a journey to this mysterious planet. Meanwhile, the artist’s new look is partly inspired by Barbarella. At the climax of Nostaligenta singer repeats two lines “Who can save the Universe? Who takes sex to outer space?”. These phrases were advertising slogans on the posters for the release of Roger Vadim’s movie about the adventures of Barbarella. The Ready In Led’s universe is full of such references and symbols. Welcome to the RIL Galaxy!

Ready in LED has an honest and sincere career. Her musical selection and her good judgment have crossed borders. The productions of this singular artist are a powerful statement, emblematic of her unfettered approach to music. We took the opportunity to interview her.

Who is ready to Led?

All those people who go out on the dance floor when my music is playing. Recently, a friend of mine, a DJ, posted a story about how he plays my track in a bar, and someone shouts from the crowd “Ready in Led!”. It felt so good.

How and when have you been interested in music? And electronic music?

When I was 19 years old, I became the new vocalist in the popular Ukrainian band Gorchitza. They played music like Kosheen or Moloko. Then my journey on the electronic scene began.

How is your sound evolving?

I keep looking for my sound from track to track and I love that this process continues. I don't want to be a successful, but predictable artist who puts out the same releases. My latest release "Nostaligenta" is an italo disco with space synth and pop elements. And the next track will be dark synth-pop and electro.

How do you feel your music influences or impacts your listeners?

I find it hard to talk about this when I see metrics on Spotify. I will definitely be able to understand this when I see people with my own eyes at concerts, and I look forward to 2022.

What projects are you working on right now?

Now my team is working on a promo campaign for the release of "Nostaligenta". I prepare for a live radio show, give interviews, send tracks to DJs. We can say that this is an office routine, but it is interesting in its own way. I especially love reading the reviews on Fatdrop. For example, Woolfy wrote to me that the new track is "100% Glitterbox hit".

What was the first idea on which you built the sound of Ready in Led?

The history of this project began with a piano melody that sounds at the beginning of my most successful song to date, "Only Tonight". This melody is more classical than disco music. At first, it was just a passage, and I didn't understand how to develop it into a song. But then the arpeggio bass appeared, and it all worked out.

What is your musical criteria in studio?

The most important thing I have learned over the last year working in the studio is not to make hasty decisions. Just bounce, take a break, come back tomorrow, listen again and if you still like it, keep working on this idea.

Do you feel safe now to play a more experimental sound?

I think that security is only in constantly evolving and staying ahead of time. If you do the same thing, then stability can be broken suddenly. Someone else will come along with more recent ideas, and you will go out of fashion.

We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

Of course. The algorithms dictate to us the rules in which you have to release new music every month. Because of this, the quality of releases falls. I have been working on music for much longer to take into account all the details. But I find it difficult to resist this trend and, perhaps, I will also have to come to the point of releasing songs much more often.

Can you tell us what your present and future projects are?

I have a simple strategy. I want to write 10 great songs for an hour-long live show. I got an EP and a single. There are 5 more songs left to record. And then I'll shoot a live video. I think we will release this in the spring of 2022. It will be X time for Ready in Led. In the meantime, I enjoy the feedback on the new release. This was appreciated by listeners, DJs and critics. We have been looking for this balance for a long time and found it.

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