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Actualizado: 12 sept 2022

Chromatic Club has the pleasure of sitting down with Redge, as he drops his Take Ten Live Set for 2022, which you can listen to below!

Can you tell us a little about your experience and your background in the music business?

I have been a DJ since I was 17, so 17 years now! However, I started producing quite a few years later, and had my first release with Roll-In Groove Records in 2016 on a compilation album from the label artists. Since then I have had releases on Question of Prog Records and more recently Upwards Records, both based in Germany. However, the enduring relationship with Roll-In Groove Records has always been a big support for my music, and lead to playing larger open air festivals in the UK such as Illusive, Tear-Out and No Mans Land.

Where are you from? do you feel that has a big impact on your sound?

I was living in Norfolk, UK up until last April, then spent the summer travelling before moving to Valencia, Spain. There was alway a very lively underground rave scene in the UK, with multiple parties to choose from every weekend throughout most of my years spent there. As such, this was a huge influence for my love of electronic music, and ultimately made me listen to such a broad range of genres that it must have had an influence on my sound. Although, the techno I now produce wouldn't fit with that scene, and so I am having fun finding new sources for inspiration in festivals and club events.

What artists and genres do you enjoy most right now?

Right now I am hooked on the deep/groovy techno coming from artists like Lampé, Maksim Dark and Carbon. Also artists like Bart Skills, Layton Giordani and Tale of Us are always blowing my mind with what can be done on the big stages.

What is the story behind your new release? how did it come together?

Having produced Progressive Psytrance for many years, I was finding more inspiration and love for some of the new music being released by labels like Senso Sounds and Alula Tunes, and after some trips to Berlin and London for Techno events found that I had huge energy and motivation for producing in another genre. Over the last 10 months I dove back into the studio to produce 14 new techno tracks, of which 11 new and unheard tracks are featured in my new mix "Take Ten", which is showcasing my step into this new style.

Has your sound changed a lot in recent years?

Following on from the previous question, the change in genre would definitely mean it has! However, I think my style has carried over into my new productions, but I hope it will always continue to be refined and developed.

Do you feel you can have a more experimental sound in the modern scene?

I don't think my sound is necessarily way out there, or extremely experimental. But I think my focus at the moment lies with trying to get my sound and ideas really refined into top quality productions, that demonstrate the style and sound I strive to achieve.

We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

With the arrival of easy access to digital distributors, more and more artists are getting their music onto mainstream platforms without having to get signed to record labels. I think this can only mean there is more room for creativity of individual artists, without having to be made for a particular "sound" that the label is trying to develop for their focus.

Can you tell us what's next for you?

Right now I am going to be focussing on the release of my "Take Ten" live set, as this has been a huge amount of work and time over the last year, and I want to try to get it out to as many new listeners as possible. However, the motivation for production is higher than ever at the moment, so I will also be in the studio working hard on new productions as well.

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