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INTERVIEW: Rudosa presents Moments in Time

For more than a decade, Rudosa has been a leading talent during a commendable period in underground circles. He has always been consistently at the forefront thanks to the support of some of the most respected advocates in the industry. Having racked up releases with iconic labels like Suara, Noir Music, We Are The Brave, and many others, his work is common ground among the touring playlists of Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, Pan-Pot, Sam Paganini, Amelie. Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Maceo. Plex, Luigi Madonna Carl Cox and many more.

Now, Rudosa is also beginning to venture into new domains of musical exploration and encompassing other elements of the industry; in particular his new label, Moments In Time, which focuses on trance-inducing techno and promises a catalog of sensory experiences. "Wiring Our Emotions", produced by Chlär and remixed by Hadone, is the latest reference on his label. This work strikes the perfect balance between warped ethereal pads and heartbreaking rhythmic sections: a whirlwind of dystopian sounds turns out to be the perfect opening for the latest EP to grace Moments in Time.

Moments In Time is just the beginning of a promising future for Rudosa's music project.

Hi Rudosa, thank you for answering our questions. I'd like to start by asking you about your technical approach to creating music. What gear do you normally use?

I have a minimal hardware approach to music production, my room is a custom built studio with incredible sound. I have most plugins which include Spectrasonics Trilian which is full of Hardware bass sounds and UAD for mixing which is all emulations of hardware gear. So even though my studio is not packed with gear it kind of is just not visible. I recently however have started buying some hardware that can’t be replaced with plugins. I have a Moog Dfam for percussive bass/perc sounds and I also have just bought a plasma rack by gamechanger audio which is the most powerful distortion I’ve ever used.

What aspects does the equipment you use that you like bring to your production?

Normally for any bass or hard sounds i like to try and keep that coming from analog so will use trillian and run it via my plasma rack or use the dfam. For more synth sounding leads ill use Rob Papen Preditor 2 or Arturia V Collection and run them through the rack also.

Your EP "On The Loose EP (The Meaning Of Rave)" is having a very good impact. What were you inspired by to create it? How do you turn your inspiration into a mechanically produced track?

With on the loose i was working on a harder fast paced sound with more of a full drum style to drive the track more once i had this i was looking for a dark pad sound that would drive the full record. I then created a higher arp from the notes of the bass pad which gave it a nice melody for the breakdowns but still was dark after this i looked for more energy so added a small acid line that sits just under the high arp and above the pad bassline. Once i had this i knew i was onto a winner. I sent the record over to Amelie Lens and she loved it and played it on her NYE live stream event.

Your music seems to be linked to places, landscapes and moments. What else plays a fundamental role in your music creation process?

A lot of the time I create music for moments and sets, if a large series of festivals are running ill create music for DJs on the line-up example is Timewarp or Awakenings and send the music out before the festival this is a great way to break new records. I also create for my own shows so if i have a big event coming up and want a record to work and do a certain thing during the set ill work on it for then.

How has your sound evolved since you started?

I would say my sound constantly changes and I'm always working on new ways to develop my sound. Recently my focus has been on speed and drive from the drums but I’m also feeling hypnotic elements at the moment so will start to include them more by using more polyrhythms.

I feel like the underground scene will continue to persist. Do you think we can go back to "normal" events and festivals?

At the moment the UK is on track to return to normal on the 21st of June. I have lots of shows booked in for then and its really giving me life again after this long wait of not knowing when it will return. I feel motivated because of it and hopefully when the UK is back to normal the rest of the world will follow on not far behind.

How is your sound evolving? What artists and genres do you enjoy mixing right now?

I’m finding inspiration in several places at the moment, I’ve been listening to a lot of MARRON sets I love the way he plays records and higher speeds yet keeps the groove in the sets throughout. I've also been doing a lot of digging into old records and buying lots of vinyl from the 90s’s and early 2000s these records just have a certain feeling that new music doesn't have.

How do you feel your music influences or impacts your listeners?

I would like to think it makes them loose track of time and place and they just get lost in the moment of listening and each time they listen it brings back memories of where they heard it first or a feeling they had.

What makes you happy?

Family, playing/finding and making music, achieving goals and dreams, playing golf and tennis and cooking.


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