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INTERVIEW: Shades of Play

Todays Chromatic Mag interview see's us speak to Shades of Play, off the back of the release of their latest "Microdose" EP on Wittytunes. We find out a little bit more about what makes them tick.

Can you tell us a little about your experience and your background in the music business?

We've pretty much done a little a bit of everything over the years, all the while trying to work on our sound. We've gotten to work with all sorts of artists from small to big, putting together shows in our city, managing labels and just about everything in between.

Where are you from? do you feel that has a big impact on your sound?

We're both based in Washington D.C

Derek: Im originally from Cleveland, Ohio and I grew up during the 80's and I am of Native American and Black descent. You could call me a bit of a rolling stone, I lived all over the U.S over the years. I definitely think my growing up and having moved around so much influenced a lot of my sounds.

Felipe: Im from Alexandria, Virginia and I'm first generation American. My parents came to the U.S from Chile and Colombia during the 80's and a lot the sounds that i gravitate to definitely feel like they are in my blood. All that coupled with 80's, 90's RnB, Hiphop & Rock are what sticks to me.

What artists and genres do you enjoy most right now?

So if we're talking about deep house we've always had a thing for DJ KOZE, GENIUS OF TIME, JIMPSTER, KEVIN YOST...We tend to gravitate to Detroit, Chicago, NYC influences. Dirty, gritty but always with a bit of soul. Our sets range from lighter to darker sounds from Berlin and Eastern Europe sometimes ending up in Techno.

Its really hard for us to isolate one person or genre because we tend to just focus on the music and we work alot!

What is the story behind your new release? how did it come together?

It's all the name isn't it =) . Coming out of pandemic, trying new things, experimenting with doses of mushrooms and overall figuring out our sound is what ended up being 'Microdose EP'.

Has your sound changed a lot in recent years?

Definitely, its constantly evolving as we try to improve all the while staying true to ourselves and trying to make sure every track we make has a special meaning to us.

Do you feel you can have a more experimental sound in the modern scene?

For sure, its actually quite refreshing to see the state of the modern scene and were it is headed. People are more open to new things and the right people are starting to search deeper for sounds and things that make them feel.

We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

It only affects you if you allow it to.

Can you tell us what's next for you?

We've lined up some cool gigs this summer in the U.S and hopefully we can play some shows overseas and we're working on our next release!

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