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Soma Records directors Slam released Volume 1 of their Louder Than Chaos project today, featuring collaborations with Slam and Hector Oaks, 999999999 and Keith Tucker (AKA Optic Nerve).

This is the first in a series of 5 releases on 12 ”vinyl and digital with friends, colleagues and contemporaries normally only seen at airports or events.

now reunited in a completely different set of circumstances, allowing for an intended connection in a moment of disconnection.

The approach of the project is based on a powerful mutual participation, built remotely over time and entirely aimed at celebrating the court on the dance floors at peak hours.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with them, and this has been the result.

Hey guys, first congratulations on the release of Louder Than Chaos Vol. 1 - it's an absolute diamond of a record that's sure to set off a dancefloor frenzy. How does it feel to unleash this nugget on the world?

Thank you very much. Yes it feels amazing to finally be releasing them and finally sharing them with the public. We're so glad that they are being released at this moment as things are starting to slowly open up again!

What inspired you to create this work?

It occurred to us that so much about being involved in this industry is about connection. You don't realize how much, until that connection is taken away. Lockdown happened everywhere at pretty much the same time. We were trying to find a way to connect with people under unprecedented circumstances.

What do you want to convey?

We wanted to do something positive in a time of protenual negativity. We wanted to say the music will still resonate, even if the world stops! When there's chaos the music will resonate above that Chaos!

What have you learned from each one in this collaboration?

It's a really good question. Without giving too much away, I think the beauty of collaborating is that both collaborators have a unique way of doing things. You have to unlearn or accept that changes need to be made to suit both parties. You learn to compromise in a good way, You learn that your way isn't always necessarily the right one, it's just another objective!

Can you each tell us what your present and future projects are?

We have just had our festival in Glasgow Riverside Festival which was amazing to finally be able to do it after it was postponed so many times. Touring again which is amazing! We are in the studio re tweaking our Hybrid live show. Which we had initially started to perform before lockdown. We have made a remix for Spanish producer Regal and we’re working on some new E.Ps which will come out on our label Soma later this year!


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