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INTERVIEW: Steve Parry

Steve Parry creates music that works in all settings and transcends genres. His openness to a wide range of sound is what has both made him a widely loved favourite, but also someone who operates in his own parallel musical world. We had a chance to talk to him ahead of the Seladoria debut event in London this Friday, where he will be joined by Selador label co-founder Dave Seaman, and Danny Howells and Just Her for their first installment. Enjoy your reading and check out his latest release ‘Steve Parry: Selected Reworks’ below…

Hey Steve, thanks for chatting with us! What was the first thing that attracted you to the world of electronic music?

Hey, thanks for chatting to me. I was always loving dance music in its various shapes and sizes. I was first into soul when I was a teenager, and then I was introduced to this wonderful thing called house music. I was only a teenager, and this was pre-internet days, so the occasional house track that appeared on the radio on shows like John Peel or Stu Allan really blew me away. It was the future, it was machines making crazy noises, it was all very exciting.. and still is!

Do you remember any specific album you heard, or concert that you went to that was a game changer for you and getting into music?

It was mainly clubs for me - I remember being 15 (and looking about 13 years old haha) and going to Quadrant Park ‘Teen Scene’ disco on a Monday night - and Dave Ralph was DJing, and playing everything from hip-hop to house, and then poppy dance vibes, with the lights, the laser and the huge soundsystem, that really blew me away!

Since you got into this professionally, what has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

To take things from the music industry, you need to give back to it. Don’t just expect DJ gigs - go to the events that you love and speak to the DJs. Put on your own events, make

music, have a radio show or run a record label. It’s the old saying ‘The more you put in, the more you can take out’.

You’re based in Liverpool right? How is the music scene living in your city with this murky pandemic situation?

Everybody has been chomping at the bit for things to re-open. And when it did – it boomed! Luckily I got a sneak preview as Circus hosted an official tester gig, and I was there watching great DJs playing in a warehouse which was pretty spectacular! Liverpool is a party city, and the night life is always pretty epic (and always has been) - so I think we were ready for it as soon as it started again!

What are your favourite places to hang out in the city? (music spots, but also any cafes or culture you want to shout out is great!)

There's always so much to do in Liverpool - I can’t keep up with how many restaurants there are, some of my faves are: London Carriage Works, Cowshed, Panoramic, Elif - and then out of the city, The Workshop, Da Mount Ghurka.

Some great pubs / bars - The Philharmonic Pub, Jenny’s Bar, J Mcguffie & Co, The Ship & Mitre.

Lots of cool Museums from The World Museum, Museum of Liverpool, Tate Gallery, Beatles Story - theres loads going on! I’m a Beatles Fan, and there's a never-ending trail of stuffto find and walks and tours to go on.

Clubs -so many and so much on offer! Always best to check listings as you’ll be spoilt for choice.

This last year has been an odd one for us all – where has your main focus been to manage it? Have you focused on spending time with your family, or making music, or planning future projects?.

A bit of everything! Trying to earn money in other ways, (luckily I don’t just DJ - I run a promo pool too that kept me busy during lockdown) while planning for the future too - for

the label, and as a DJ. It was great to see more of the family daily though - but we are trying to get out and about camping, holidays, theme parks, trips away etc! Lots to catch up with!

Tell us a bit about the new Seladoria event series you have coming up – the first one is this month at E1 London, with a great line up!.. What’s the concept behind the events?

This project is particularly close to our hearts and something we’ve been working on throughout lockdown. We wanted to bring a real visual feast to Selador’s events and we couldn’t be happier with what we’ve managed to achieve. Friday 24th September - the label’s enigmatic Rabbit King, Harvey will be front and centre to lead us on a merry dance as Steve Parry & myself will be joined by Danny Howells & Just Her behind the decks for a very special night in the label’s history. So come take a trip with us to the naughty forest. A night to remember. We’d love to see you on the dance floor.

You’ve also got a new remix package dropping this month with 3 producers remixing 3 of your tracks – how did you pick the producers for this?

I like so many different types of music from deep to melodic to tougher bits - and there are always some artists that I always come back to. Doc Martin is a proper DJ legend. I’ve ended up chatting to him often, he is a cool as a cucumber, such a nice guy. He had remixed for the label previously (and I loved his remix), so I wanted to get Doc back - and I was delighted he agreed! And what a mix he delivered! Not what I expected at all- but everything I love! Renato Cohen just makes dirty tracks - I play something by him in just about every set I play (and have done for years!)- so he was always high up on my wants list. I was like an excited kid in a sweet shop when he wanted to remix ‘What You make it’. His remix is pure filth!

Over the last few years, I’ve played so many tracks from Bebetta - and we’ve never had her on the label as of yet, and so I needed to change that. A fine and very cool remix was

delivered and a big smile on my face came along with it too. Big and bold, but super cool too. Whoop whoop!

Thanks for your time!

Catch Steve Parry playing alongside fellow Selador founder Dave Seaman, and Danny Howells and Just Her at the first Seladoria event, Friday 24th at E1 London: . Steve Parry ‘Selected Reworks’ featuring Renato Cohen, Doc Martin and Bebetta is out now, get it HERE.


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