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Daniel Varga has teamed up with Iris Varga to form the new Stuttgart-based synth pop duo SUGARTIN. Together, they recorded this special dream EP called "25" on exlove record label, to be released on 04/01/2022.

Iris is responsible for the lyrics and melodies and sings the songs in her own soft way. She sings in German, English and French. She is also part of Ines Martinez's „Der wunderbare Frauenchor“. Daniel writes the songs on his beloved Telecaster, Roland JX-3P synthesizer, and an old Squier JV Jazz Bass.

His EP is pleasantly reminiscent of the 80's and starts with the emotional ballad „Kleine Melodie“. Their rhythmic structure and sounds feel airy and tender, and may remind you of bands like Soft Cell. Its second track captivates you with a classic chorus guitar and hypnotic vocoder melody line. The EP closes with the French "Viens Avec Moi", a heavy synth track with some Bowie-influenced guitar patterns and smooth vocals from Iris.

The EP is about early loves, foolish dreams and missed opportunities. The songs can be described as softy-pop with beautiful melodies, lots of reverb, and a bit of vocoder action.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with SUGARTIN and this has been the result.

What was the first thing that attracted you to the world of electronic music? Iris: Depeche Mode, Daniel: Kraftwerk Do you remember any album or concert that has changed everything? Speak & Spell, Depeche Mode, Dancing to a DJ set of Sven Väth in the Oz club back in 1992. Since you got into this professionally, what did you miss the most nationally, internationally and on the contrary, what helped you the most to grow, even to believe in yourself? One day we had the desire to make our wish come true and starting a new project. In the past there were other things important and we never got the time and energy to begin. Now our four kids are old enough to let us do our own stuff. How is the music scene living in your city with this murky pandemic situation? The situation in Stuttgart is as bad as everywhere. Can’t wait for the venues to re-open. We will enjoy and appreciate it more than ever I guess. What are your favorite places to hang out in the city? Neue Schachtel, Korridor, White Noise


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