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Sumluv are Adrian and Alberto, two friends who met by a mutual friend at the age of 15. They were born in Figueres, a small city in Catalonia. Music hit hard in their lives from the beginning, especially Hip-Hop, as they grew up listening to groups like the Wu-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep. His introduction to music production was based on making beats, using different samplers and synthesizers. A few years later, after doing a lot of research, they fell in love with downtempo and house music with the discovery of producers like Bonobo, Shlohmo, Lapalux, Four Tet, Bicep changing their minds forever.

After several years living in a small city, Adrián and Alberto moved to Barcelona in 2014 looking for new vibes and mainly to take their musical career more seriously. They decided to get a sound technician degree to improve their knowledge while they spent the rest of their time making new music and living the experience of being in a city that has infinite inputs to draw inspiration from.

Sumluv’s ‘Overthink’ EP is out now via Faneca Music, featuring remixes by Lawrence Hart and Otik. Grab your copy here.

Hey Guys! Thanks for talking with us. How did you start your day today?

Hey, you welcome, thank you for having us too, it’s a pleasure! It started pretty well, the sun is shinning again and it’s hot as hell here in Spain, but good!

Can you tell us where you are from and how long you have been producers? What jobs did you have before?

We are from Figueres, we’ve been producing since we were 15/16 years old, that was the age we discovered our love for the music, it took time to take the music production more seriously, that happened when we moved to Barcelona in 2014. We’ve worked every summer since we were 18 to buy equipment, when we arrived to Barcelona we found some shitty jobs to pay the rent, food and was kind of it, right now our main goal is to make a living of music, and fortunately we’re closer than ever.

You are relatively new producers. How do you recommend other newcomers getting recognition when starting out?

First, we recommend (if we can do it) to do what you love, that’s the first part and the most important, the second one make connections, don’t be afraid to chat with people that you don’t know, the social network it’s a good weapon to use when you are a musician.

Who have been your main inspirations (both musical and in "life") and why?

In a musical way, we’ve been raised by a lot of musicians, but maybe who opened a door was the one and only Simon Green aka Bonobo, the discovering of “The North Borders” album was definitely a life changer for us, the using of samples, acapellas, the vibe of it… Since then, we discovered a lot of new electronic artists. In terms of life probably our main inspiration is the people around us, our friends, girlfriends, family…

How would you define your sound in 3 words?

Clubby, introspective and kind of lo-fi.

‘Overthink’ is your next single on Faneca Music. How did you get signed to the label and can you tell us about the name and production process of the single?

It was just at the beginning of this pandemic situation, we were planning a release for the same year and Faneca contact us, was kind of a pleasure because we knew the label for putting out music for artists like Jus Kno’. The production process of “Overthink” started just after ‘Balance EP’ was out, like 3 months or something like that, for us is like a continuation of that release, it has a similar vibe. The name came out of thinking of us, we’re people that tends to overthink, so it was the perfect definition.

The remixers bring different genres to this original track. What do you look for when getting artists to remix a track?

The most important thing for us is that the producer give his/her vision, and obviously that the result is good!

Why Lawrence Hart and Otik? Do you guys have a history with these artists?

Probably we’ve more story with Lawrence, in 2015 when we started the Sumluv project we were discovering a lot of new artists, but we get stoned with the release of George Fitzgerald album “Fading Love” and our favourite tracks were the ones where Lawrence Hart was featured. When our manager confirmed that we could have a remix from him, it was a stunning moment for us. On the other hand, we love Otik’s music since he released “Zero-

sum Game”, we though that it would be a nice option because he can give a different perspective for the track and that’s how it went!!

What can you tell us about a label like Faneca Music? What do you most admire about this label?

Faneca Music for us is the best label where we’ve released music by far, the treatment that we’ve with Hadrian (Founder and CEO) it’s incredible, the understanding and the freedom that we have is endless, and this is probably the most important thing when you have music to put out as an artist.

What projects are you working on right now?

We’re currently thinking about our first LP, it’s been a while since we started putting music out and our mind is focused on that, we’re so excited because we have been thinking on this since the beginning.

Where do you hope to see yourselves in 5 years?

Making a living of music and enjoying life as much as we can.

Finally, can we look forward to seeing you play anywhere soon? If so, where…?

Not yet, but we hope to have some dates really soon, it’s been a year since we played live, so we’re excited to show our new live set.

Sumluv’s ‘Overthink’ is out now via Faneca Music. Stream and buy here.

Follow Sumluv: Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook| Spotify


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