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INTERVIEW: Thomas Barnett & CloudMasterWeed

Today we get to speak to Thomas Barnett from Visillusion Records and CloudMasterWeed who took the reins for their latest release.

How did you get into music? What are your influences?

CMW - I always love music since my younger age, my musical culture begun at the beginning of the HipHop, in the 80's, and it opened me to all the american black music, and the end of 90's I discovered a Moodymann track and felt in love of Detroit House Music......and my Detroit story begun early 2000's.....that's my influences, listen music everydays, and the rest is in my

How did you come to sign “Anything Is Possible” - have you guys worked together before?

CMW - it's been 15 years we know each other, we are brothas, and we played so many times together like djs, in the very good partys to Detroit, and we are in a same way, the same roots of musical's logical we make music together.....

What have you learned in the creative process of this EP? How was it remixing CloudMasterWeed?

CMW - I totally trust on Thomas, It happened naturally.

TB - It was such a rewarding experience to work on one of my best friend's tracks, I wanted to collaborate with CMW forever now, and this was the perfect chance for us to begin this new chapter.

How has your sound evolved over the years?

CMW - I always let the instinct working........sounds evolve with the time, with the vibes we can feel at the moment......with this strange time we're living, we have to let a clear message about what we think about that shit.

How do you see the scene in America as things start to reopen? Healthy or some problems?

CMW - I'm living in France and right here it's just a fucking crazy shit.......they killed all the clubs, bars, and all partys are forbidden....

TB - We never had a true shut-down like in New Zealand, so I anticipate this "Groundhog Day" replaying over & over... sadly.

Can you tell us about your future projects?

CMW - I still make music for my favourites labels, Soiree Records and affair still working


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