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Still driven by his promising potential and eagerness to share his originality and unique creativity with fans around the globe, Cody Chase remains an exciting talent to watch closely in Electronic Music. As he designs a sonic world that is multi-faceted in artistic expression, powerful in nature, and impactful in the experiences he offers listeners, Cody Chase ensures that his reputation within the genre keeps growing, showcasing a committed work ethic that continues to drive his various pursuits.

The musical journey that Cody Chase embarked on at just age thirteen, with his discovery of Electronic Music, has seen him navigating through myriads of developmental phases, leaving him equipped with the knowledge and skillset to carve out his position within the genre today. Having taken to studying Music Business at Full Sail University, then immersing himself in the DJing culture of Miami with performances across the city, Cody Chase launched himself onto the Electronic Music scene armed with the understanding of more than just the music. With an awareness of the ins and outs of the industry and a talent for curating engaging sonic experiences, Cody Chase was already paving an encouraging path early on, venturing on a journey that has since led him to thrilling territories both within his own music and in the influence he continues to make on the landscape of Electronic Music.

With talents that are no doubt unconstrained to his work as a Producer and DJ, Cody Chase takes his creativity beyond the studio and stage, providing a platform for himself and up-and-coming Producers with his label, Chasin’ Records. As he releases work that highlights his own musical tastes and preferences, bringing hard-hitting tracks detailed with pounding beats and grinding basslines, Cody Chase appears as a powerful example of a committed, enthusiastic, and loyal supporter when it comes to playing his part in the evolution of Electronic Music.

Taking his championing of the genre one step further, Cody Chase presents a weekly radio show, ‘The Chase’, to spotlight more rising stars within Electronic Music, introducing listeners to some of the hottest sounds on the scene. The guest stars that have graced the decks on ‘The Chase’ no doubt serve as striking proof of Cody Chase’s own growing status, having played host to top VIP names like Jack Back, aka David Guetta, Gabry Ponte, and Fedde Le Grand; as he continues to raise the bar each week with more memorable episodes, Cody Chase’s reach around the globe is surely expanding even further, seeing more and more genre enthusiasts captivated by his original and distinct creativity.

There is no denying the passion behind Cody Chase’s artistry: shining throughout all of his endeavours, whether expressed through the magnetising energy of his live shows or studio productions or appearing through his championing ways as label boss and radio show host, Cody Chase’s love for music is the supporting foundation that continues to drive his creative motivation. With such an unwavering dedication to his craft, Cody Chase is no doubt poised to keep reaching new milestones as he carries on forging his way within Electronic Music today. 

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