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Introducing Usatov's Latest Release "Worlds Collide": A Deeply Emotional Double Single.

Actualizado: 23 mar

Introducing Usatov's Latest Release "Worlds Collide": A Deeply Emotional Double Single.

On March 3rd, Usatov's latest music release "Worlds Collide" hit all major music streaming platforms. The double single features two tracks, each representing a different emotional state when it comes to love. "Worlds Collide," the first track, takes listeners on a journey of being in love and missing one another, while "Division," the second track, represents separation and heartbreak.

The first track, "Worlds Collide," that combine with dreamy atmospheres and old-school deep house vibes to capture the essence of being in love and longing for someone. It features emotional lyrics, strings and progressive baselines add to the track's overall dreamy atmosphere, and it's a perfect choice for those who want to dance while feeling a sense of romanticism.

On the other hand, "Division" features a more modern sound, sorted into the progressive house genre. It represents the state of separation and heartbreak, with its melancholic vibe and diverging melody that stand for the uncertainty of love. Despite the sadness, the track maintains hope through its progression, with driving baselines that keep listeners engaged until the end.

Along with the release of the double single, Usatov also dropped a music video for "Worlds Collide" that tells the story of the universal feeling of longing and missing one another when being apart. The video features Usatov and talented Luisa-Rosalie Thanheiser who both express highly captivating emotions through their performances as they navigate through their day-to-day lives, physically apart but connected by their love for each other. The video's shows Usatov and Luisa in their respective cities, namely Amsterdam and Hannover, and both are yearning for the moment when they will be together again. With the help of Niklas Bogon and Javi Ignacio Ferrer Beltran and their fantastic camera wielding the video was brought to life. The lyrics of "Worlds Collide" further emphasize the message of the music video, with Usatov's words painting a picture of the sentiment of needing the other person to be around, and the feeling of ecstasy that comes with their presence.

Overall, Usatov's "Worlds Collide" is a deeply emotional double single that is perfect for those who want to dance while feeling the emotions of love, separation, and hope. The music video adds a layer of visual storytelling that perfectly captures the sentiment of the tracks, and listeners are sure to find themselves feeling connected to the story told through the music and visuals. With this release, Usatov proves his talents as a storyteller through music, and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us next. "Worlds Collide" is available on all major platforms, stream/buy it here:

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