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To celebrate the 10th release of the digital EP series, Blush Recordings is delighted to introduce IVISION aboard.

The Italian DJ and producer, supported by heavyweights like DVS1, Richie Hawtin and Dave Clarke on previous releases, debuts on the label with his latest work 'Quantum Future’.

The opener, "13 PM," showcases IVISION’s signature style: an essential yet captivating groove that maintains high energy levels throughout.

Title track 'Quantum Future' introduces a disruptive element through its fractured rhythm and entrancing vocals, lending the track a highly dynamic feeling.

Following that, ”Arrow" revisits the artist’s classic style, presenting a highly effective dance floor-oriented techno tool.

Completing the EP, we have remixes by Skaliger, Osvil D, and Aderal, each infusing their distinct styles and interpretations into the tracks.

Osvil D's remix of "13 PM" serves up a robust techno track that packs a punch and

commands attention.

Aderal introduces a fresh perspective to “Quantum Future”, bringing back a classic 4-to-the-floor rhythm with a gritty twist.

As the final track, Skaliger takes command of "Arrow," shaping it into a dreamy and ethereal soundscape.

BLSHRCRDNGS010 will be released on April 19th 2024

Mastered by Nicolò Romani

Design by Ventie30


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