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Javi Redondo

Actualizado: 22 jun 2020

"I try to do what I feel like at the moment"

Javi Redondo creates music that works in all settings and transcends genres. We had a chance to talk to him, so enjoy your reading and check out his latest releases. Read our interview below to find out more about Redondo’s wide-spanning influences, creative environment and studio methods.

Hey! Where can we find you right now? How did you start off your day?

Hey! I am at my house in Madrid. I woke up around 8:00 AM and rode the bike until approximately 10:00 AM. Now having breakfast and answering your questions :)

How did you first get into electronic music? Was it your first real musical love or were you a keen listener of all sounds when you were younger?

From a very young age. I think when I was 10 years old, I started buying records that I liked. Although the first memory I have is from years before. I asked my father to buy me a Modern Talking cassette because I liked a song often played on the radio. I’d be about 6 or 7 years old by then. The tape was on the typical display in a restaurant where we went for dinner. I have grown up surrounded by people with a great musical culture. Much of my background is thanks to this. Listening to groups like Kraftwerk, Front 242, New Order, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, etc. from a very young age this has shaped and defined me largely as an artist.

How did you decide to dedicate to producing?

It was more or less in 2008. I had been playing for years and I always wanted to make my own music. I had a lot of producer friends and thanks to them I started making music.

Do you have certain criteria that you work to when producing?

I try to do what I feel like at the moment. I listen to many types of music and try to make it appear, in some way, reflected in my productions.

How would you say your own sound has evolved over the years?

Hmmm. Tough question. I don't really know. I think it has evolved from a technical point of view, but my baggage has also grown. Although I am proud of my first releases about 7 years ago. They were technically improvable for sure, but I like them even more now than when I made them. I think it is a good thing.

Is your production style influenced by your tastes as a DJ? Or are you a DJ turned producer?

My productions are influenced a little bit by everything. My taste as a consumer and my background, but also because of my way of understanding dance music as a Dj, without a doubt.

What is the balance for you like between DJing and production? Do you prefer one to the other?

I understand them as very different things. Maybe I'm more of a Dj than I am a producer. But they are different creative processes.

What does your studio look like? And what type of hardware/software do you like to work with?

I've always had a studio at home. I have been using Ableton for years, although I started with Logic. I have some hardware, although I also work a lot with software.

In and out of the electronic music circle, who is an inspiration to you?

There are a lot of people that I admire and respect on and off the music scene. They all inspire me in one way or another.

What can you tell us about A Black 5th, published in Dischi Autunno? What did you want to transmit? What inspired you? What can you tell us about each remix?

It is an EP that I finished in a difficult personal time. I didn't have a specific message. Making music at that time was my therapy and that's what came out. I really like the remixes, I think they make it much more complete. They are two artists that I admire and it is an honor to have them on the release. Dischi Autunno is one of my favorite labels, they are bringing out incredible things. Very happy to have released here. Thanks of course to Jennifer and Noura at the label.

Tell us a little about your work as a promoter. Do you think bad times are coming and In your eyes – how big of an impact will Coronavirus have on the music industry?

It’s hard to predict what will happen in the near future. It is undoubtedly a setback for the industry. I hope we get something good out of all this madness, that local and national artists are valued a little more, fees are balanced and importance is given to what really deserves it.

What kind of music do you listen to at home and have there been any go-to albums or producers helping you manage the crisis with their music?

I have listened to many types of music. And of course, there have been albums and producers that have helped me overcome a crisis that I may have experienced, personal or social.  I could mention a lot, but some of my favourites are Peru, a Dutch band that I dig a lot, two albums in particular, called Continents and Constellations I’ve been listening quite often Space Museum from Solid Space, the last vinyl edition from Dark Entries. And also good stuff from the pianist Hania Rani, her last album Esja has been played a few times these days. It's beautiful and makes me feel peaceful. 

What are you most looking forward to doing when the corona pandemic is over?

Being with the people I love, my family, my friends, being able to hug them. To be able to travel again. Value what we have much more, something that I think will be inevitable for almost everyone. Give value to the things we have every day. On top of that…moving to Mexico. I should have been living in the Caribbean since April 4. But as you can imagine, that has not happened. So the idea is to leave in October. I love Mexico and I've been craving for a change. I’ve lived in Madrid since 2003 and I feel it's about time to do something different. I have a lot of good friends living in Mexico, locals and from all over the world. I love the country and its people, the food, and of course, the music scene is amazing. Great clubs and parties. There are many talented artists. I’m really looking forward to moving there. There is no doubt I’ll be missing Spain, but I’ll be coming back often.

What makes you happy?

A conversation, a hug from my niece, cooking for someone I love, eating, laughing, finishing a good track, connecting with people when I play, traveling, visiting a place for the first time, and much more.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I am working on 3 remixes. At this very moment, I'm finishing a remix for my friends Iñigo Vontier and Concret that will be released on Penrose Recs, a great brand new label based here in Madrid. I'm also working on another for my friend Pablo Sánchez. The third remix can’t be revealed yet...  I’m also finishing a new EP and I have like 5 mixes to record in the next few weeks.

Do you have any final words of wisdom?

As mentioned before, try to get something good out of all this. Valuing what we have and surrounds us every day. Mucho amor y buena música <3

Javi Redondo


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