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Jei Blvck presents Too Far Gone

JEI BLVCK's latest release on JEI BLVCK RECORDS features a unique and melodic style walking the paths between Techno and Progressive.

From the haunting vocal work on "Too Far Gone", to the exquisite and subtle production of Waiting For You. This record is pushing the sound into new territory with its emotive synthwork.

“Too Far Gone” could be defined as emotional electronics that fluctuate from the most peaceful environment to the most energetic bass and kick drums, passing through beautiful orchestral textures. “Too Far Gone” is amalgam of melodic and progressive techno that specializes in bringing warm analog textures and takes you on a journey of emotions

With the perfect amount of substance to be fireproof, presented in a powerful style that ranges from classic to innovative. A delight only for music lovers, which sums up the musical philosophy of an artist who promises to give a lot to talk about in the near future.

“Too Far Gone” is built a timeless and pyrotechnic set, to which we will go over time trying to decipher that magical and complex mechanism that manages to transcend all expectations of dance music.

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