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Josh Richards Sets the Stage Ablaze with Latest Single 'Metal' Released through Flow Music

Embarking on another sonic journey with Flow Music, Josh Richards emerges once more with his latest offering 'Metal'. The Australian young gun, recognized for his prowess in the realm of melodic techno and house, is poised to cast his spell on dancefloors worldwide.

Hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Melbourne, Richards has been steadily etching his mark since 2022, creating waves with each successive release, including the acclaimed 'Anthurium.' Remaining faithful to his distinctive melodic and progressive aesthetic, Richards now ascends to new heights in peak time techno with 'Metal'.

The track unfolds with a powerful kick, intricately woven into a pulsating beat that floats effortlessly alongside weightless melodies and expansive pads. 'Metal' encapsulates a brooding atmosphere and a hypnotic groove, with metallic percussion accents strategically scattered throughout, adding a touch of enigmatic allure.

Enlisting the talents of legendary progressive specialist Stan Kolev for a remix, Richards elevates 'Metal' to new dimensions. The Bulgarian veteran infuses his signature progressive touch, crafting a remix that is rich, deep, and unapologetically intense. Once again, spherical synths and subtle melodic elements rise above a gritty bassline, creating a captivating remix that further enhances the allure of 'Metal.'


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