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Marina Trench

Actualizado: 4 jun 2020

"Exploring House music and connecting is the main leitmotif in this passion!"

© Marie Staggat

The dj sets and productions by Marina Trench are powerful statement, emblematic of her energetic and no-holds-barred approach, we're excited to share this interview with you, offering a glimpse into the mindset of an accomplished producer and dj exquisite, elegant and fun on the dance floor.

Hey Marina! Where can we find you right now? How did you start off your day?

Hey! I'm very near Paris, in Saint-Denis in my little cosy home. I basically start my day with a coffee and I go directly working on emails, music and so on.

How did you first get into electronic music? Was it your first real musical love or were you a keen

listener of all sounds when you were younger?

I discovered electronic music very young through my mother who used to listen to a very diverse range of music at home. Electronic music has always moved me a lot, especially House music that gives you directly energy to dance. As a teenager, I was listening to DJ sets on the radio and I was very interested in the mix itself, the selection. So I dug into the history of house music and developed my own personal taste with music from St-Germain, Shazz, Ultra Nate, Dj Gregory, Adeva first - that I still play ! During this time, I started going to House dance classes too - feeling passionated on every point!

A couple of years after, I moved to Bordeaux for my studies in Fine Art school. I also started collecting records during that period. This is really where I made my first steps as a DJ, by playing warm-ups and getting to know the crowd in front of me. Exploring House music and connecting is the main leitmotif in this passion!

In and out of the electronic music circle, who is an inspiration to you?

Inspirations are coming a bit from everywhere: literature, music, philosophy and arts in general! I'm really interested in Art made by women and how they carry their messages, how they emancipate themselves from the diktas of society. I have a great admiration for Cindy Sherman, Berthe Morisot, Marina Abramovic or Joni Mitchell.

As a House music lover, I am also very inspired by Disco, Funk, Soul. When I started collecting records, I started with 90s classic house and of course artists such as Kerri Chandler, Romanthony, Larry Heard, Burell's Brothers, MAW are very important to me. Nowadays, I really like the vibes from DJs and producers like Cinthie, Danielle, Josey Rebelle, Lone, Simo Cell, Jay Daniel, Gigsta to name a few.

© Marie Staggat

How would you define your sound?

100% House ! Think that is pretty clear in my dj-sets and EPs I made (ahah)

How much has your sound changed since you started your dj career?

I think my sound has not really changed since my debuts. I tried to be true to myself and keep my influences. You always grow anyway and your taste can be improved with the time. New discoveries, people you meet, travels. There is always something new that helps you to evolve. That’s what is so good with music.

What can you tell us about your Wolf Music release with the EP Waterside? What inspired you to create it? What was your production criteria? What did you want to transmit?

This EP was released last February - as a fan of the label I was super happy to connect with the guys from Wolf Music - Matt & Stu were very helpful and professional on every point! For this one, I spent a few months working on it, tested new stuff like using my voice etc. I made it very DIY at home. It is a very freeform piece of work and I had lot of fun doing it.

Your style is very bright and optimistic. Has this moment of confinement affected the luminosity of your style?

As an artist, I think the environment has always a specific impact on our own creativity. Of course, due to the pandemic many things have been altered as you have to re-think your daily routine, creativity is also coming with exchanges, meetings, moves. So, I tried to keep a positive mind and work more on my music. I have always been an optimistic person so my music probably is too & I hope always will be.

What’s your studio comprised of at the minute? And is there a special piece of gear you’d never get rid of?

I use Ableton Live with a fews tools to develop more ideas and different kind of sounds. I always record some snippets etc. My set-up at home is quite simple, I have two synthesizers (Korg M1 + Prologue), one drum machine (Tr-09) and my top favorite, a Rhodes Fender Mark I.

Would you like to share a set? Can you tell us more about it? When and how was it recorded?

This guest mix has been recorded last year for Motor City Drum Ensemble for his show on WWFM. I recorded it at a friend's place who has an E&S DJR-400. I love that mixer so much and it is so nice to have the possibility to use it to record. The mix is more funk, disco and neo-soul with music from Syreeta, Jean Carn, Shalamar, Dego & Kaidi Tatham, Blue Soda etc some kind of home-listening mix. A bit different than a proper club mix.

What makes a good mix to you?

The vibe of course! It doesn't matter what kind of music you play. You need a good synergy between your selection and the energy.

What have been the most influential factors on your career so far?

Every steps are very important but two factors helped me a lot to build where I am now. First, my very first two EPs on Deeply Rooted and having the chance to be remixed by amazing producers such as Kerri Chandler, Hugo LX and Fang’. Releasing on UK-Wolf Music Recordings was also something very special. These first records are very very special to me.

One turning point was also to start working with On board Music which is very carring with me and helps me to develop my ideas a lot. It is really good to be surrounded and work with strong women in general, all our team at On Board is very supportive too and that is so good to have a strong backup with you. I love that little family.

© Marie Staggat

Where was your favourite place to play, what was your most interesting gig, and for what reason?

There are so many (ahah) Recently, I got to travel much more and meet more incredible people. Each gig is very interesting, you have to adapt yourself to a frame time, a crowd. I have very good memories such as my very first gig alongside Kerri Chandler at Rex Club last year. It was very unique – it is always impressive to meet and play with people you respect a lot. Another very good moments were my Berlin debuts last year too at Tresor, Renate and Ipse. It is such a strong energy to play in that city. Also, a special mention to my first gig in Valencia for Cero en Conducta in at Oven Club. I was very excited to discover this city which has a very particular history with electronic music. My latest DJ Set at La Maison de La Radio for French radio FIP in Paris is also a particular souvenir as I got to play on a 3D sound-system, such an experience!

What makes you happy?

Music makes me definitely happy! But also connecting with passionate people, enjoying music, projects with them! Shout out to Cinthie, Hugo LX, Jeremy Underground and Lars & Marteens from Detroit Swindle.

What’s your favourite “save the dance floor” song?

"Save Me" (Original Mix) from Sven Love & Catalan FC Ft. Mandel Turner. This track is my 100% «save the dance floor ». I've been playing it for a while so I know that track can directly catch you (ahah). With this vocal, those chords and the rythmes, this is a call for dancing straight away!

What projects are you working on at the moment?

Energy is quite different with the pandemic, I had many really nice gigs planed for the spring/summer that have been postponed. So, I've been working more on new stuff such as mixes. I have a guest mix that will be aired on Worldwide FM in the coming days. I am also preparing a new a podcast for a Dutch channel I really love for the summer. And production-wise, it's quite flourishing, I am working on a new EP and a couple of other projects that will see the light I hope before the end of the year.

Marina Trench


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