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Ziggy Zeitgeist

Actualizado: 2 abr 2021

Since ancient times, Nature´s veneration and respect has dictated all human being rhythms. From the beginning of life, life cycles have marked periods about everything surrounding us. The interview brings today two artists they know a lot about what's happening around, both the good and the bad. Australian´s Ziggy Zeitgeist and Erica Tucceri show us their next LP where they've collaborated called “Jin Mu”; a journey to contact with the deeper inside ourselves and consider what is going on all around us in these complicated times.

Hello Ziggy and Erica, it's a real pleasure to speak with you. As an Australian, How are things going in Australia and how are you?

Ziggy :

Well I’m still stuck in a Berlin winter lockdown. I’ve heard there are mad parties happening in Melbourne so I’m kinda jealous at the moment... But hey, im keeping busy in my cave, making hits. It ain't glamorous but someones gotta do it you know. thanks for asking.

When did you meet each other?

Ziggy :

We were jamming in Australia, every Tuesday night at the Toff in town midnight session. We were working with the ZFEX trio already and we were looking for a flutist. At that time we were inspired by Chick Correa’s “Return to Forever” and digging through Brazilian music, stuff like Hermeto Pascal, and Milton Nasciemento. For the Jin Mu concept we wanted to do something more stripped back and intimate, just about percussion/drums and flutes. I was digging Erica’s vibe so much, and I wanted to give her more space in the music to express. For us its a chance to tap into a slower and more gentle meditative state aside from the dance floor focused stuff.

How has it been to collaborate with each one of you in the construction of an LP like this? What was the process of working between you two?

Ziggy : This record was born out of improvisation. We didn’t really need rehearsals because we knew and trusted each other enough already. We had a colour pallet for every song, which gives every track its own personality. We tracked in pre-production the synth pads, and then tracked the flutes and percussion together at Rolling Stock Studios in Melbourne with re-known engineer Myles Mumford.

From the very first time you listen to the record you believe that the title is seamlessly chosen , which derives you to choose a name as “Jin Mu”? What inspires you to create a work of art like this?

Ziggy : Jin Mu is taken from the Chinese Zodiac and translates to the elements of Metal (Jin) and Wood (Mu). This is essentially the concept of this record. I’ve been inspired by a lot of Ambient new age and Vaporwave kind of sounds, Also more traditional music like Bansuri flute music from India - and Shakuhachi flute music from Japan.

How do you denominate your sound?

Ziggy: I think of this record as a space of healing. If it can offer you a 30 minute reprise from the rat race, suffering and delusion. Then we’re on the path to healing ourselves. Music will be the saviour.

Which is your visión through “Jin Mu”?

In an age of ever increasing noise and paranoia being circulated in the media, sometimes its nice to close the computer relax in solitude or with a loved one. maybe a glass of wine and something to smoke and just enjoy a record. allow yourself to be absorbed in the mystery of the music and let your imagination wander. thats kind of what its about for me. Im tapping out ! ciao.

Besides your next record we are talking, Do you have anything looming on the horizon?

Ziggy : Im hoping to continue exploring this concept with different musicians and spaces. Keep in touch. xx

Stunt Keaton (Musician, producer & writter)


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