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MYR label head Goeran Meyer is back to kick off 2024 with a superb new track featuring Mario Navajo

This German artist has long been quietly but assuredly carving out his niche in the electronic world. He fuses elements of house and techno with his own sublime synth craft and mostly does so on his own well-regarded label. For this one, he works with Mario Navajo, who is known for his deep, soulful approach to electronic music and a blend of deep and Afro styles.

The EP commences with a stellar instrumental edit of 'Boundless Chains,' unfolding gradually through a mysterious and percussive intro accompanied by finely tuned drums. Rich breaks pave the way for a gradual ascent with synth arps and driving kicks, making a moody atmosphere destined to captivate the dance floor.

The 'Boundless Chains' vocal edit, featuring the evocative vocals of Navajo, takes listeners on a deeply absorbing and widescreen journey. Mario's dark and moody vocals, reminiscent of the iconic Depeche Mode, seamlessly blend with deep bass tones, resulting in an emotional impact that transcends boundaries.

This EP serves as a testament to Meyer's multifaceted talents, showcasing his prowess as a live performer, DJ, and producer while underscoring his skills as a meticulous sound designer.



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