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Nabil Hayat - Mold [FORM1]

Nabil Hayat - Mold [FORM1]

Nabil Hayat's latest EP 'Mold', released under FORM1, is a journey into the realms of atmospheric techno, defined by its deep, dark essence and a profound exploration of sonic textures. The opening track, 'Enviro', sets the tone with its stripped-down approach; distorted kick drums merge with filtered percussion and cymbals, creating a soundscape that is both haunting and invigorating. The title track, 'Mold', stands out as a late-night anthem, characterized by its heavy bass lines and hypnotic rhythms. It's a track that encapsulates the night's peak moments, with off-beat claps and a rumbling bass that demand attention.

'Numer' follows, continuing the EP's narrative with a focus on peak time and early hour sonic journeys. The track's filtered sweeps and transitions showcase Hayat's skill in maintaining his signature sound while pushing boundaries. The EP concludes with 'One Way or Another', a track that diverges slightly from the preceding intensity. It adopts a deeper, more classic approach, featuring a funky bass line, oscillating synths, and driving percussion. This track fades in and out, metaphorically and sonically, taking 'Mold' to a cosmic conclusion.

Recorded in early 2023, 'Mold' is the product of Hayat's evolution as an artist. His hands-on approach to writing, mixing, producing, and mastering each track is evident in the EP's cohesive sound.


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