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NEWS: AVIVX presents ‘Dark Temple’ EP

Kazakhstan-born and now Tbilisi-based queer music artist AVIVX presents the pulsating, other-worldly ‘Dark Temple’ EP, released on the acclaimed Rotterdam-based Electronic Emergencies / Clone on 27 June (on vinyl & digital). ‘Dark Temple’ EP also marks AVIVX’s first vinyl release.

Across the pulsating four tracks on ‘Dark Temple’ EP, the melancholic Eastern vibes and melodies are woven into a thick, energetic house blanket. The sound is irresistible, resulting in a warm and uplifting trance.

AVIVX wanted the music to take listeners to some other times, dimensions, and worlds. With tracks like ‘Quasar’ and ‘Arecibo’, AVIVX was interested in exploring the beauty of frequencies, both tonal and rhythmical, huge, and powerful electric energies, and raw analogue sound waves. The nature of waves, vibrations and signals was what AVIVX was obsessed with when making 'Arecibo', which is named after a once biggest radio-telescope that transmitted a famous coded message to aliens. The use of only minor chords gives an alien feeling. ‘Dark Temple’ and ‘Closer’ are focused more on the melody that trance-ports you to some otherworldly sceneries.

AVIVX said: “A major influence for me is space, sci-fi, futurism, science which I grew up being obsessed with. I always envisioned making this type of futuristic and cosmic sound but with an eastern twist. Scandinavian space disco, Dutch trance, Belgian new beat, Chicago house and Italo-disco all reverberate throughout my music." Born in Kazakhstan, AVIVX attended RBMA Tokyo at the age of 21 and is currently living in Tbilisi, Georgia. AVIVX has DJed at some of Europe’s leading queer clubs and parties including Berlin’s Buttons, Popoff Kitchen, Wilde Renate, and KHIDI. He is definitely ‘one to watch’. AVIVX’s supporters include Matisa, Cormac, and E-Bony.

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