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Following a slew of early career releases on some of the biggest labels in electronic music, Italian producer D3FAI now looks to expand the sonic footprint of his already illustrious catalogue as he unveils his latest huge EP, this time on the one and only FORM Music.

Out now via POPOF’s long-standing Parisian techno imprint, which celebrated its landmark 100th release in January 2022, D3FAI’s Celestial EP marks the Argentine’s inaugural foray on FORM, as he delivers an immense three-part package worthy of any label debut.

Kickstarting the EP in impressive fashion, D3FAI christens the tripled-sided cut with the uncompromising opener Ecliptic. A chugging eight-minute juggernaut, primed for those early warehouse hours that we’re all craving right now, this pounding introduction sees D3FAI build a relentless assortment of undulating basslines, trippy samples, mind-bending synths and lengthy breakdowns, to open the package in style.

For the middle order, D3FAI offers up his second original on the player with Asteroid Belt. A hard-hitting production and arguably the most energetic offering on the EP, D3FAI’s incredible diversity as a producer continues to shine through, as he adds to his diverse and flourishing career discography with another huge dancefloor-ready weapon.

Bringing the package to an impressive finale, D3FAI takes us on a cosmic journey across the aptly named title track Celestial, as the hotly-tipped Argentinian talent delivers a piercing sonic weapon, to round off a remarkable debut release on POPOF’s FORM Music.

D3FAI – Celestial EP is out now via FORM Music.

About FORM Music:

FORM Music is a label founded in 2009 by French producer POPOF in order to gather both new and established talented artists and to promote artistic open-mindedness by assembling various genres across the electronic music spectrum. The label celebrated its 100th release in January 2022 with a six-part remix EP of POPOF’s iconic 2009 hit Serenity.


1. Ecliptic (Original Mix)

2. Asteroid Belt (Original Mix)

3. Celestial (Original Mix)

Artist: D3FAI

Title: Celestial EP

Release Date: April 1, 2022

Format: Digital


Label: FORM Music


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