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NEWS: DASCO presents ‘Get High With Me’

Acclaimed Berlin-based Producer & DJ DASCO launches her exiting new label, Bisexuality Exists Records, with the punchy acid house and rave tinged single ‘Get High With Me’, released on 29 June.

‘Get High With Me’ showcases DASCO’s high-energy, percussive style, flavoured with ‘90s acid house and rave influences, blended into a fresh, dancefloor-targeted hybrid, which features her own hypnotic vocal.

An artist firmly committed to inspiring and supporting women, non-binary, and the LGBTQ+ community, DASCO has called her label Bisexuality Exists to normalise bisexuality, having encountered people who don't believe in bisexuality or thinks it's a phase. For DASCO, it's important to show the world that bisexuality exists. DASCO’s plan for the label for 2022 and beyond is to support specifically queer, female, transgender, bigender and non- binary artists. Music wise, people can expect uplifting music, vibrant, and colourful House/Techno music for the dance floor full of soul and emotions, music for dancing and raving.

DASCO says: "With the label, I want to show the world that music (like life) is not only black or white. There are so many beautiful colours and shades in between, so let's explore, appreciate and enjoy them all…"

DASCO is a Tel Aviv-born, Berlin-based Producer & DJ, equally in love with UK ‘90s rave and cutting-edge house music. She has played at leading venues around the world, including at Berlin’s Tresor, Paris’s Sacré, Ifz Leipzig, Motion Bristol, and Block Tev Aviv. In addition to her new Bisexuality Exists record label, DASCO has released music on Local Talk, Housewax, and has an EP out on Shall Not Fade later in 2022. Her productions have won support from leading DJs including Antal (Rush Hour), Fred P, and Dr. Rubinstein.

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