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NEWS: DJC - Sexy House Thang

DJC - Sexy House Thang

There's a certain alchemy in musical collaboration, and DJC's 'Sexy House Thang' released on Affectionate Grooves offers a class in the art. Combining D.J.C.'s refined musical sense, DJ/Vocalist/Fashion Designer Bijoux's exotic touch, and the raw potential of the upcoming talents R.G.C. + R.B.C., it's a concoction that delivers a kick both audibly and visually. It's more than a funky dancefloor banger, it's a manifesto of house-infused Latin, jazz, soul, and funk elements, woven meticulously into 350+ channels of eargasmic delight.

Taking a detour from the mundane, the album immerses you in an animated journey, a psychedelic dreamscape, pushing the limits of your senses. With an inherent respect for the craft and an unquenchable passion for funky house music, 'Sexy House Thang' makes it a mandate to take your mind, body, and soul on a transcendental trip. As D.J.C. rightly puts it, "It's a Sexy House Thaaang..."


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