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NEWS: Local Suicide & Curses combine on 'Whispering' ahead of debut LP

Berlin based power duo Local Suicide are releasing their long-awaited debut album ‘Eros Anikate’ on their own label Iptamenos Discos on 13th May. The title translates to ‘love invincible’ and draws influence from Sophocles’ play, ‘Antigone’ - an ancient Greek play based around tragedy in the aftermath of a civil war. ‘Eros Anikate’ will showcase the duo's renowned ‘technodisco’ sound, blending retro with modern elements, alongside moody baselines and haunting vocals, whilst featuring an array of exciting collaborators and friends including Curses, Hard Ton, Skelesys, Lee Stevens, The Hidden Cameras, Sissi Rada, Theus Mago, Kalipo, and Greek new wave legend Lena Platonos. ‘Whispering’ , the fourth single of the album is influenced by the secret whispers of the ‘Spaghetti style’ wild west films they watched in their youth, Local Suicide collaborate with New York born and raised artist Curses as they reminisce of a wilder and sexier time, literally putting the ‘wild’ into the ‘wild west’.

“The original idea behind that track was to rebuild the atmosphere of ‘Spaghetti Westerns’ that we used to watch when we were kids, where the wind is whispering in the empty dirt roads. It was created at our studio during a super fun session with Curses.”

Bringing this to life is the gritty and chuggy guitar riff melody that takes centre stage. This is then only emphasised by the syncopated bleep bloops, kick drum and the hypnotic whispers that act as an enchanting love spell which profess to be “always on my mind”. This collaboration is the perfect outlet for bridging together the EBM, Italo & New Wave sounds that both artists are known for.

‘Eros Anikate’ will be released on Vinyl, CD and digitally on Iptamenos Discos on 13th May 2022.

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