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NEWS: M.O.O.N. presents ‘Grift’ [Ever After Records]

M.O.O.N. returns with his first new release in over 4 years, the atmospheric and spine-tingling single ‘Grift’, which will also feature on his forthcoming ‘Come! See!!’ album, out in 2022.

Released on 24 November, ‘Grift’ features straight ahead percussion paired with strong synthesis and ethereal voices that dance, harmonise, and evolve as the track progresses from a simple groove into a large, spacious, dance-floor-ready statement piece.

‘Grift’ offers an exciting taster of what people can expect from M.O.O.N.’s forthcoming “Come! See!!” album, released in March 2022. Stephen Gilarde, aka M.O.O.N., describes ‘Come! See!!’ as «a therapy session in album form», as he re-opens the M.O.O.N. chapter of his life, exploring new directions and old processes to present a look at how he has evolved in the decade since the first MOON EP.

M.O.O.N. is the better-known alias of Boston-born, Lisbon-based electronic musician Stephen Gilarde. The first release under the name, the self-titled MOON EP, was released in 2011 and became a cult classic in large part due to its inclusion in the video game ‘Hotline Miami’. In the years following, M.O.O.N. released three additional LPs as well as a full-length album, ‘Clinically Blasé’ (Friends of Friends, 2017). While ‘Clinically Blasé’ was meant to be the last offering from Gilarde under the name M.O.O.N., he has returned after nearly 5 years, with his album ‘Come! See!!’ being released in March 2022.


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