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NEWS: Meet the Brazilian who is reinforcing the Hard Techno scene in Brazil: Adorn

With expressive releases, he prepares for his first international tour

by Rodrigo Airaf

Brazil has become a country increasingly evident in Hard, Industrial and Raw Techno talents. Among the names that have emerged on the scene and are being exported abroad is Adorn. At just 24 years old, the artist has already created a hub of projects around him as a music producer, DJ and label head.

In the first two years that he began to show his music to the world, Adorn had releases on more than 10 labels. Some of them are among the most expressive of the worlds Hard scene, such as DSR Digital (the #1 Hard label according to Beatstats) and Cartel Recordings. In the first, he released the Hobbes Did n't Lie EP, betting on a sound signature that makes us find the visceral expression of chaos.

The artist started in the musical universe a decade ago, as a Heavy Metal drummer. That background allowed him to go full force on Hard, it felt like a natural path. Today he heads Rave Lemon, a label that is in development, with a focus on promoting dance music talent in quality, not quantity. There he released the 6-track Holy Rave EP.

Adorn's dark and, in a way, mocking sound aesthetic led him to conquer even more international labels, including Basse-cour and Substance Techno Essence. A differential of this producer is the insertion of melodic nuances and resonant vocals in his heavy tracks.

The Italian agency Sostanza noticed the talent and made sure to invite the artist to its roster, placing him stronger under the international spotlight. This generated his first international tour, so far with confirmed tickets, starting at the end of May, through Italy and Germany, also accompanying new tracks to be released.

It is worth mentioning that, recently, Adorn celebrated excellent numbers with his latest releases: "Holy Rave" Top 1 [Techno iTunes] Belgium "Shut Up And Rave!" Top 3 [Techno iTunes] Belgium

"Voiceless" Top 74 [Apple Music] Russia

Two releases in the Top 100: "Psyco" Top 74 [Hard Techno Beatport] "Hobbes Didn't Lie" Top 86 [Hard Techno Beatport]

So if you're a fan of Hard Techno, Adorn is a name you won't want to miss.

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