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NEWS: Multi-instrumentalist and live artist Ash announces debut 5 track EP ‘About Life’

Actualizado: 1 nov 2021

French-Egyptian live artist/producer Ash announces his debut EP 'About Life', with the first single dropping now. The 25 year old musician, who plays piano, guitar, sax, drums/pads and electronic keyboards/wind instrument, has over 600 million streams of his singles and counting. He is famed for his solo live performances in stunning iconic locations including Egypt’s White Desert (Cercle Stories), Montreal’s Mount Royal at sunrise, and he was the first artist granted permission to perform live at the Pyramids of Giza.

Raised in Cairo, based in Montreal, his music intriguingly reflects his middle eastern and western heritage. ‘About Life’ celebrates the life events which allowed his talents full play.

First single 'About Life' is out now. Joyful trance-flavoured synth echoes an early piece by Ash at 15, with a nostalgic breakdown piano melody and a sweetly melancholic guitar ‘sum up all the different aspects of my life’. An emotional heft which will find a home in many hearts.

‘About Life’ drops in full on February 18th. The title track/first single is out now, get it HERE.

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