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NEWS: Respected producer Phairo steps into solo limelight with single ‘Galacticon’

The enigmatic Phairo newly emerges as a dance music artist after years in high demand producing acclaimed names in other genres such as Bruno Major, ELIZA and Sam Wills. His new project ‘9’ will drop monthly as singles, beginning with ‘Galacticon’ which is out now and later this year as an almost-album EP with yes, you guessed, 9 tracks.

Fired up by working on the likes of Bruno’s first two albums, including hits like ‘Easily’ (with 295 million streams on Spotify alone), Phairo found lockdown unlocked his first love. ‘Club and dance music first got me into producing at about 16, so it felt amazing to re-enter that realm and find a new love and excitement for making beats! I wanted to make music on my own, with the main focus on musical and production ideas.’

‘Galacticon’, his first ‘9’single, delivers those beats in spades, a drum- and bass-heavy track with a jazzed up industrial vibe overlaid with mysterious distorted melody. Genre-bending, yes, but eminently danceable.

The debut single will be followed by a new single each month until ‘9’ drops in full later this Summer. ‘At 9 tracks it’s longer than an EP, but shorter than an album, more like a mixtape - a broad indicator of my influences and musical loves, and a good sign of what’s to come and where I’m headed musically.’ The artwork for the full project, from artist Osian Jenaer, is heavily inspired by Phairo’s intrigue with the number 9 and his love for sci-fi, nature and otherworldly scenes.

First single ‘Galacticon’ is out now on LG105, get it here:


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