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Riding high off the back of one of her most prolific years in the studio to date, internationally celebrated techno sensation Simina Grigoriu steamrollers into 2022 with continued vigour, as she unveils her next huge extended player, Rooftop Ballerina / Pirouette.

Out now via her beloved Kuukou Records imprint, Simina’s emphatic two-part Rooftop Ballerina / Pirouette EP is another remarkable showcase in immersive, avant-garde techno from an artist who has carved out a reputation over the past few years as one of the most industrious and exciting talents on the European techno circuit.

Commencing the double-sided cut with the absorbing opener Rooftop Ballerina, Simina makes her intentions known from the outset, conjuring an uncompromising blend of driving kicks, techy synths and exquisitely layered drum samples to masterful effect. A hard-hitting production and arguably the most intricate rendition on the EP, Simina’s impressive tenacity shines through in spades with this latest offering, as she adds to her flourishing career discography with yet another huge dancefloor weapon.

On the flip, the Kuukou label boss demonstrates her distinctive production versatility with the equally tough finale, Pirouette. Building a mesmerising array of distorted undulating basslines and glitchy, industrial samples with trademark ease, Simina Grigoriu pulls out all the stops for her latest techno roller, to close out the EP in resounding fashion.

Talking about the upcoming EP, Simina commented:

“I call this elegant techno. As a former dancer, I have always expressed myself with movement. Dancing has always been there. It was there when I was a kid and it’s there today when I play music on stage. For the past few years, I’ve been teaching our oldest daughter ballet and have once again found happiness in dance. Rooftop Ballerina and Pirouette are two tracks that make me feel like I’ve come home, bringing back that sense of freedom one feels when letting completely loose. As the saying goes: 'Once a dancer, always a dancer.”

Simina Grigoriu – Rooftop Ballerina / Pirouette EP is out now via Kuukou Records.


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