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NEWS: Simon Doty launches his RECESS imprint with ‘Reality Check’ EP, feat Dosem and Black Circle

Actualizado: 13 may 2022

Simon Doty adds label boss to his already impressive CV, launching his eagerly awaited RECESS imprint.The first release is summer-hot three-tracker ‘Reality Check’, including remixes from Dosem and BlackCircle.

Drawing inspiration from the Soul II SoulClassic interpreted by his sister Ellen Doty; ‘Reality Check’ isa return to Simon’s tech-house roots that already has dancefloor acclaim. The self-taught Canadianmaestro marries disparate genres and sounds, creating deep and melodic tech-house with angelicallylyrical melodies and devilish danceability.

Label favourite Doty has released on Anjunadeep, REALM, Knee Deep In Sound, Purified and StressRecords in the last 12 months alone, but launching his own label has long been his goal.‘I’ve alwayshad agoal of stewarding my own brand for music and parties and I’m thrilled to see that dream cometo life with RECESS’says Doty. ‘For me, the care-free innocence of playing outside at recess capturesthe essence of an ideal party; a joyous period with a singular focus-having fun with your friends. That’sthe moment we’re trying to recreate with our music, and our events.

Reality Checkcollects a jazzy beat, fizzing hi-hats and an ear-caressing bass riff, layered with a sweetvocal motif–‘back to life,back to reality’–earthed by solemn synth chords: a joyful melange skilfullycreating a bounding, driving energy to propel you into summer.

Dosem Remix:A future mainstay on both the events and label side, Dosem lends a progressive, after-hours twist that isolates a tapping beat, before deploying frantic synth arps and the haunting vocal riffto distort the boundary of dream and reality as they swoop through woozy breakdowns.

Black Circle Remix: With a stadium sized techno take on his remix, Black Circle keeps the vocal singingits dreamy anthem, while the synths launch into a hard-hitting, brain-skewering, Chemical Bros stylethrill ride you’ll queue up for.

The RECESS events have gone down a storm at Treehouse Miami and willtravelto a number of newcities this year. Meanwhile Simon will playsummer highlights at the Brooklyn Mirage, Electric IslandToronto, Ile Soniq Montreal, and Anjunadeep Open Air London amid South American, Australian,Indian and European touring legs.


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