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NEWS: Simon Doty’s Purified Debut ‘Dreamscape’ is dancefloor-ready gold

Actualizado: 1 abr 2022

Simon’s highly anticipated debut on Nora en Pure’s Purified imprint is the ‘Dreamscape’ 3-track EP, out April 1st. This perfect pairing is the happy accident of Doty being struck by Nora’s label and its output, and realising his ‘Dreamscape’ track had a natural home there. Nora took a whole 20 minutes to agree, and secure all three. Light suffuses the EP like the scent of early summer, when thoughts stray to outdoor raving and listening on a lounger by a pool. Doty’s superpower is marrying usually contradictory sounds and genres to create deep melodic house you can both listen to alone and then dance to like a wild thing in packed clubs. The Canadian producer’s self-taught tech mastery is at the root of this ability, as is the spiritual beauty of his compositions – hence the battalion of industry luminaries who support him, and the labels who’ve claimed him, like Anjunadeep, in a succession of acclaimed EPs, most recently ‘Hometown’.

Dreamscape is suitably dreamy, yet dancey. Shimmering beats, murmuring synth chords, and an ethereal vocal bringing lyrical heft – ‘I see colours drifting in the dreamscape of my mind’ – while scales of bubbling notes keep things bright. Airlift hooks with intriguingly irregular but fast drumbeat, before satisfying with distorted bass notes and a warmly rumbling reverb-laden melody. Vocal riffs fade in and out amid twangly high strings. Slow Wave has hypnotic vocal riffs and deceptively comforting synths, but underlined by a takes no prisoners thudding beat and pizzicato progressions keeping things fizzing. Slow Wave is one you can dance to, fast. Dreamscape is out April 1st on Purified, get it HERE. Tracklist:

  1. Dreamscape

  2. Airlift

  3. Slow Wave Connect with Simon Doty on Spotify | Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud


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