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NEWS: XAVAGE Kicks Back on First Single, “Hot”

To sum it up, American Trap producer XAVAGE has been doing things differently. The Southern California producer is making impressions throughout the trap and bass community by delivering energetic production that calls to the genre’s golden years fused with humming, modern hip-hop influences. At the top of 2022, he’s reinvigorating his innovative intentions with a full EP via Circus Records. The project is led by a collaborative single ft. Milwaukee rapper The Oshi, “Hot,” out January 25, 2022.

“Hot” opens with the EP with music that is focused on groove rather than aggression. The production begins with catchy bass tabs, which quickly give way to vocalist, The Oshi. “I’m a treasure baby, you an amateur… Keep it hot baby” provides a braggadocious vibe in both sound and vocal intent. “Hot” builds with essential trap elements like chilled sirens and frenetic synths, but delivers a laid back drop that strikes as both innovative and hypnotic. Drop no.2 offers more buoyant basslines, keeping the energy throughout this nicely paced 3-minute banger. ‘Hot’ doesnt fit the stigma of your traditional EDM festival banger where you only focus on the drop. This song is a must listen from the first second it starts all the way until the end. ‘Hot’ blends hip hop and electronic trap music together in a simplistic yet powerful way.

Quote from XAVAGE:

“I am a huge fan of early 2000’s hip hop and when I first heard her music it gave me major Missy Elliot vibes. While this track is our first one release together fans should know there are many more to come.”

With a penchant for hip-hop samples and cunning sound design, XAVAGE continues to carve his own lane by staying true to his hard-hitting sound and keeping his signature groove at the forefront of his production style. Xavage brilliantly brings together elements of multiple sub-genres that strike as truly unique and appealing.

San Diego based producer XAVAGE is carving out his own lane in the music scene. Staying true to his namesake, the producer effortlessly balances timeless class and unapologetic edginess. Originally finding his love for music through dance, he’s making it his mission to bring the dance back into EDM. His music blends heavy-hitting energy and impeccable sound design with a danceable groove for a sound that makes jaws and hips drop with ease. He’s dropped a slew of releases including a collab with Jon Casey titled ‘Money In The Bank’ and has past releases with Quality Goods Records and a debut EP Stay Xavage on Circus Records. This year he’s kept his momentum going with forward thinking trap hits on Elysian Records and BrednButter

Quote from XAVAGE:

“My day 1 fans know that my music is always evolving to reach new levels of groove in the trap scene. This EP showcases that simplicity plus groove will keep you dancing all night. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a banger to be a banger.”



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